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A Week on the River Wye - 19/10/14

 Every year during October I take Sandy to the Wye as an anniversary present; this time our son Lee was down from Edinburgh and came along too. We normally do family outings during the day saving the late afternoons and evenings for fishing. In the distant past we used to try and catch the biggest barbel or chub but now we focus on enjoyment and so our competition is lighthearted and the target is to catch the most species. Thus we change spots, methods, baits etc which is great fun - especially as I edged a win by 10 to 7 including this 8lb barbel and the chub of 5-2.

However, we couldn't catch any pike. The river was teeming with dace and we could only short trot (like long trotting but your float only moves a few feet before you get a bite) all week. We have seen a steady improvement in the dace fishing over the last few years which may be as a result of the Wye and Usk Foundation work designed to help salmon also helping the dace.  This resulted in the pike not being interested in lures or our deadbaits, I think they only had to open their mouths for dace to swim in - unbelievable how many fish there were! 

However we still caught barbel, chub, dace, minnow, gudgeon, salmon parr, brown trout, grayling, perch and bleak with the best barbel at about 9lb. Trying different species with different tackle and techniques is great fun and I have never seen a river so full of fish. If you need any advice on the Wye, there is a wonderful tackle shop called Woody's Angling Centre in Hereford, and he is always please to help.

I do really love the Wye, I think it is the best river in the UK  with great scenery and wildlife all around.