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Gudgeon Fishing on the Golden Scale Club water - 11/10/14

Gudgeon from the Stour

I recently won a days fishing on the Golden Scale Club water on the Dorset Stour at a charity auction for the Avon Roach Project (great cause) with Richard Battersby, the club cake maker. What a great day it proved to be. Richard initially walked me along the stretch which presented a problem; which swim to chose as there were so many places of different nature. I decided o start on a straight trotting swim where I caught roach, perch, dace, minnows, chub, and a pike all on double maggot under an Avon-style float.  

Then moved to another swim which I enjoyed even more catching another range of fish including a pike, this time taking a dace I was retrieving.  Richard then produced a fabulous spread for lunch, pies olives, apples, crisps, rolls together with the kettle for tea - even a tablecloth – very civilised. Then I fished a couple of swims with Chris Yates finishing in the “funnel” swim where we both caught gudgeon.