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Stevenstone Rudd Fishing Goes Wrong - 25/06/18

With the hot days seemingly endless, my thoughts turned to coarse fish of the summer, and a days rudd fishing in an old estate lake just outside Torrington at Stevenstone.

I tackled up with cane rod, cente pin and float and settled down for a quiet days fishing. i had a couple of rudd then off went the float and a carp went right across the lake. Before it got into the jungle on the other side I held firm and the hook pulled out.

Tjat unsettled the swim but after a few more minutes I caught another couple of small rudd in the 4 - 6 oz range, and then another carp which I managed to get in.

Eventually the rudd came back and i had another couple before the kids from the local schools turned up for one of their adventure days, all getting into rafts and inflatable boats and the tranquility ended which called an early end to the session.