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My Best Torridge Brown Trout - 22/06/18

The Torridge is very low after a long period of no rain and locals had been disappointed by the falling returns so, with the river this low the flow is very slow.  I decided to wait until 8.30pm to try for trout as the sun slowly disappeared behind the trees. Although not ideal conditions it seemed to offer the best chance of a fish.

I fished an upstream dry fly right under the overhanging trees using a parachute fly so I could just make out the white tuft.  Little happened until it disappeared without even the slightest ripple; if I hadn't noticed the line stop at the same time I wouldn't have struck.  The effort proved worthwhile as it resulted in my best Torridge brownie of (1-10).

I was glad that these tactics showed the fish were still there, but the fight was poor so I decided that these conditions may be detrimental to the fish so decided to take a break from the Torridge and focus more on sea fishing until the weather breaks and the rain adds some fresh water.