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Great Angling Stories

Author:            Tom Quinn

Publisher:        Quiller publishing Ltd in 2017

Rating:                        ***


Angling has a rich literary history dating back centuries, countless books have been published which tell the tales of fishing disasters and the “one that got away”. Tom Quinn has tapped into this abundant resource to complete his latest work, an anthology of such tales. The book is nicely presented and is ideal for reading by the fireside on cold winter days and nights when you are trapped indoors, an entertaining mood lifter.


He has selected eloquent writers whose tales are well crafted, which results in this book being of a high literary standard.  However, I do think there is scope for a wider spread of writers and eras.  On several occasions he has included the work of the same author in successive pieces which leads you to think Quinn has read a book and listed the stories that he believes fit, adding them into the book as he has found them.


I would also like to see a more diverse range of subject matter included such as Zane Grey’s swordfish tale, John Bailey’s sturgeon tale from “Trout at Ten Thousand Feet” or Buller’s lost pike on Loch Lomond all of which really fire the imagination and the desire to get out and fish.  Perhaps he is saving those for a later edition, which having read this work, I would look forward to reading.