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Freshwater Fishes of Britain

Written by Jack Perks

Published by New Holland in 2016

Star Rating ****

Many books have been published in the past depicting the freshwater fishes of Britain so you may well ask why we need another?

Many of the previous books published used artists' impressions of fish before the development of amazing technology and one such book is Houghton's "Britain's Freshwater Fishes" published in 1879. In my view, the illustrations in that publication have never been surpassed and today, are highly collectible as works of art.

This book however is solely concerned with allowing the reader to identify his fish and brings us into the 21st century using the latest technology of underwater cameras to give clear photographs.

Each fish detailed in the book is covered by a selection of images ranging from the close-ups of features such as the stickleback's eye shown on the cover to others of a shoal, all in their natural habitat.  This makes identification of the fish you have caught much easier and therefore more accurate.

Accompanying each fish is a brief description highlighting distinguishing features, breeding information and their habitat.

This work also scores over its predecessors by being up to date including many alien species that have been introduced into the UK over the previous decades and have not been covered previously, many of which have become accepted as UK fish, such as the wels catfish, and many that are here illegally and are very damaging to the environment like the topmouth gudgeon.

In short, this excellent book enables the reader to identify fish more easily and I have no doubt that it will become the benchmark reference work for fish identification for everyone who has a keen interest in knowing exactly which fish they have caught.