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Urban Fishing with Dominic Garnett - 21/09/17

Having met Dominic Garnett a couple of weeks ago, we scheduled a bit of urban fishing at a place where he used to feed carp as a kid.

I set up with my cane Avocet with the Aerial centre pin float fishing with  maggot and caster and was as happy as Larry catching a bag of roach to around 10 oz. Dom fished about 50 yards away and was targeting bigger fish, and it didn't take long for his rod to almost disappear as he latched onto caught a big old warrior carp, possibly one of those he used to feed  and after a struggle as it raced about, it eventually gave up and after a short spell in the net to recover, it pulled the needle of the scales to 19lbs 4 oz.

I settled down again and shortly after, there was another shout of delight as he was now into a big pike. I couldn't believe he had caught a 17lbs 4oz pike, followed shortly after by another of around 8lbs, not to mention another common carp of around low double figures that shed the hook as it approached the net. He was having a red letter day, but i was equally happy seeing nice roach in another water

I have used a couple of Dom's pics as his fish is definitely bigger than mine and he is arguably better looking, but only due to his youth!!!