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Tenching? at Stevenstone - 06/09/17

With the rivers a bit too full for flyfishing and it being too windy for sea fishing, I had to get out and fish the stillwaters - so opted for a short morning session on Stevenstone with friend Graham.

When Graham and i arrived we leart that the usual school outward bound style courses weren't running so we had a chance to fish by the boathouse where I used to catch them in years gone by. With both jetties empty iy allowed us to fish in comfort with one each.

We tackled up with float gear and fished with corn on a size 12. The first fish was a carp which I hooked and tore off across the pool before the hook pulled free. Then it happened again before I landed a small one; third time lucky. It is unusual to have such carp activity, but then graham started to catch and had a rudd every cast whereas I had the best carp next up, probably not quite 10lb whilst Graham continued to rudd bash.  

Why he should just catch rudd and me carp i have no idea, but then he finally had a carp followed by a rudd for me, truly bizarre, but I guess that's fishing, and one of those inexplicable mysteries.