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A Stevenstone Tench - 19/05/17

Graham and I decided to lake fish as the rivers were full after 2 days of rain and the bass were not showing yet, so headed to Stevenstone. It is an old estate lake we had fished in the last trying to get Graham his first ever tench.  I started in the shallow end of the main lake, Graham preferring the deeper water around the platforms by the boat house.  I started slowly fishing with corn catching a small carp and a couple of rudd before the action stopped. Graham caught a carp and the had this female tench, a nice fish for his first of the species. followed by another carp and a few rudd.

I moved down to the deeper water catching rudd and then had the carp - a proper one, not a stocked F1 as the pristine condition and big fins show. a long lean fish which weighed 9lbs 4 oz.

It was a great session and the rain even managed to avoid us as we basked in the sun.