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Start Them Young - 13/05/17

It was a family weekend in Devon with our grandsons, Xander and Quinn stopping over, together with our youngest daughter Jenny visiting with her new boyfriend Mike.  Mike is a fisherman, so it gave me a great excuse to slip out up to the reservoir with him - especially as it was a sunny afternoon.

The sport in the bright sunshine started slowly with only a nice rudd coming to the net.  This fish had just spawned so was not in great condition and was photographed before being gently returned unharmed. After a quiet spell I managed to catch a few skimmer at an increasing rate just as Sandy appeared with the grandkids.  They muscled in on my chair and I was delighted to hook another skimmer so they could watch as it was landed in the net before being returned.


They seemed to really enjoy the experience so I may well buy a whip and gradually introduce them to the sport, or as Sandy says "indoctrinate them"