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Crooked Lines

Author: Dominic Garnett

Publisher: D G Fishing (Self-Published) in 2015

Rating: ****


I found Dominic Garnett on Facebook where we discussed his book and as River Reads is Devon-based and specialises in angling books, he sent me a copy to review.


As an angler, I am a traditionalist, probably due to my age and when I first received the self published paperback I looked at it in trepidation.  However, I am relieved and delighted to say this publication has very few errors (I only noticed a couple of typo’s) as Garnett wisely collaborated with Garrett Fallon of Fallon’s Angler fame.


The book is a compilation of articles about Dominic’s travels to different places ranging from The Exeter Ship Canal, to a concrete gulley to Central Park in New York. Dominic makes little mention of fishing tackle and this definitely isn’t a 'how to' book thankfully, but it does remind us of why we fished in the first place.  The excitement of seeing that wild fish in a pond or river and how, as children, we plan to catch it.


Many anglers move on to become specimen hunters, even single species' anglers, but this book shows what thrills are lost by overlooking the capture of the small fish in unusual places which can be seen and Dominic manages to extol the joys of angling in a way in which few authors can.


The book is also written by an author with a sound understanding of English, no doubt benefitting from the books he appears to have read which he mentioned at various times.


There are a couple of negative points, one mentioned earlier.  The styling is a bit “folk art” which isn’t my preference but this is highly subjective although I have since noticed he has had some bound in salmon skin!! I also do not think the occasional swear word adds anything to the text. When a book is as good as this, I would normally not hesitate to give it to a youngster to read, but may do with this work.


If you want to be reminded of the joys of simply fishing with no specific target fish in mind, of the joys of being by the water, or simply enjoy reading the competent and evocative style of this author, then this book is for you.