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The Lost Diary

Written By Chris Yates

Published by Unbound 2013

Star rating: *****


Those of you who follow the website may well realise that my reading is usually limited to a few minutes snatched when I am able, so I generally opt for books where the content is broken into discreet sections.  This book is one such as those being the expanded version of Chris Yates’ diary from April to September 1981 which was lost in his Christmas decorations for many years, hence the title “The Lost Diary”. The only thing is that I find the writing so absorbing that I read it from start to finish in one sitting.


This book covers the season after he caught the record carp from Redmire and follows him and his friends as they search for new waters and fish favourites in the days before everywhere was overstocked with carp.


You can tell from his writing of his love for the sport is more about the scenery and nature than about big fish with his contempt for the hair rig showing through as he prefers traditional approaches of man seeking a goal within nature rather than utilising automatic hooking rigs.


This was his last year focussing on carp as his interest was transferred onto barbel and later bass.


If you are a fisherman who appreciates high quality very descriptive writing, and Chris does take you to the water with him, rather than a “how to” guide, then you will really enjoy this book. The style of writing seems so relaxed and natural (although knowing Chris and his work, he really is a perfectionist and frequently discards chapters that just don’t feel right.) The only problem is there isn’t enough of it; you are always left wanting more.