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Bullied by Bullocks - 08/06/15

After being housebound with my ankle damage except for a few strolls about the house, I had to get out and go fishing.


Even though I prefer river fishing, the need to fish made me go out in the close season to an old estate lake holding rudd, tench wild carp, but sadly a few bigger carp too.

I set up at the shallow end where I could see the carp swimming and loose fed the area and started fishing with a small lead.


After a short while, I had a bite, but just as in mullet fishing, once the fish felt and tightening it dropped the bait.  This happened a couple of times, so I held the rod and struck as the loop in the line tightened, but this proved too soon and the hook pulled out of a couple of fish. I then switched to a float and was rewarded with this attractive carp taken on corn followed by an eel on luncheon meat.




But then the trouble started. A herd of bullocks gathered behind me in a semicircle watching me fish; it was a bit like a fan club. Then they started nudging me, and getting a slap in return to scoot them off which worked for a while, but then they nosed around in my shoulder bag, and ran off with the rod bag. I spent more time dealing with them than fishing.


Then they decided to walk around my swim. I don’t mind this too much as you can see it initially attracts the fish, but they kept walking backwards and forwards, and I had to keep lifting the tackle out to prevent hooking a bullock. It became a real challenge, and it reached the point where frustration got the better of me and  I gave in. As I walked off, the entourage followed me, all 27 of them.


I told them I looked forward to meeting again on my plate on a Sunday!!!