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Devon Wildlife - 25/05/15

One of the joys of living off the beaten track in Devon is the wildlife you see around and about.

As we have recently moved the shop and are struggling to get time just to ourselves, Sandy and I have been walking around the local lanes and woods.

At this time of year, the undergrowth is low and the fields have just been worked so you get the best chance to see wildlife. I try to take my camera with me, sometimes with the long lens to take shots of butterflies and small flowers, and sometimes the standard one for panoramic views. Occasionally you get the right lens at the right time as the pictures of the hares taken about 300 yards from where we live shows.



However, it didn’t take them long to realise they had been seen.



A couple of days later, one the same track but the opposite sides in the wood we managed to see a doe during our early morning walk.



The on the return journey we saw the buck with his antlers just starting to grow. I read somewhere that the antlers on big stags can grow an inch per day.



It really is a delight.


However, there is a downside. This fat grey squirrel had just come from stealing next door’s chicken feed then raided our bird table. If we could lose grey squirrels, rabbits, moles and magpies my garden would be idyllic.