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Fishing Dave Steuart's Garden - 24/11/14

Fishing Dave Steuart's garden

In the last couple of years we have been lucky enough to meet Dave Steuart, one of the more famous anglers of the 1960's who hade regular columns in the angling periodicals. We also managed to record him with Bob Church in Recollections V scheduled for 2016. Dave kindly offered the chance to fish his stretch of the River Test running through his garden.


Lee and I arrived late getting stuck behind a lorry moving tree trunks to a saw mill.  It turned out to be a lorry from Bideford moving tree that had been felled from a woodland about 300yards from where we live!!  When we arrived, Dave walked us along the river showing us the likely places to fish.  Le was quickly off the mark into a shoal of grayling. This wasn’t surprising as the warm spell had ended the night before with the temperature plummeting to Sub zero.  My first choice of swim proved fishless, so I moved to a different one and was immediately into the grayling too followed shortly afterwards by brown trout of 6lbs 10 oz which messed up the swim.



After chatting to Lee to pass a few minuets, we sat on a bench with our lunch and dropped the bait (trotted bread flake) into the edge at our feed and were rudely interrupted by a trout taking the bait.  Food went flying as we brought it to the net. After carefully returning it, we settled again only for the exercise to be repeated.