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A Cow-Assisted Carp - 23/09/14

I went out to an old ex-estate lake at Stevenstone for a couple of hours last evening after the

"wildies". I settled down fishing at the lake side after closing the shop at about 5pm

only to attract a herd of bullocks. As I was politely asking them to leave me and my

 tackle alone, one waded into the lake right where my bait was and started to drink.

At this point my high tech silver paper bite indicator slowly moved up to the rod.

 I thought the cow had caught my line but struck anyway and caught this carp - not

one of the wildies at just under 10lb, but a good looking fish from right under the cows nose.

It must have been attracted by stirrings in the mud. After that, a shoal of rudd moved in

and I caught a succession to about 6oz until I packed in at dusk. No wildies but a very

pleasant evening.

The lake hasn’t changed much in the near 60 years since it was netted to remove the

coarse fish just after the war, with a few hand grenades thrown in for good measure

 to clear any that they may have missed. It was then stocked with trout for fly fisherman.

Seems to have been unsuccessful as I have only had one small brownie in all the times

 I fished it about 20 years ago, but the wildies (and a few stocked larger carp), tench, 

 rudd (too many) and perch are still there.