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Fishing off Lundy on the Jessica Hettie - 13/09/14

Never one to pass up an opportunity to fish, as my son Lee and my fishing buddy Reg were down at the weekend, we chartered the Jessica Hettie out of Clovelly along with Graham and Matt, a couple of friends. It was on this boat a few years ago that my friend Neil caught the British record Amberjack.

The day was dry and cloudy but warm but with a stiff breeze, abit stiffer than anticipated in  the long dry spell, so we headed for the west side of Lundy to avoid the wind.

We started of with feathers fishing for mackerel to use as bait and for Clive, the skipper, to cook for us on the boat for lunch. I’m not a great lover of mackerel, but when they are this fresh they taste totally different to the fish from fishmongers, and I really enjoyed it.  It wasn't the easiest days fishing although we caught a stream of Pollack, and eventually we managed a the few mackerel needed, initially baiting the feathers which produced better quality Pollack, a Cuckoo Wrasse and a Ballan Wrasse. Reg and I changed to a single bait fished just off the bottom to try to avoid the dogfish and were rewarded with Pollack to 5.5lb (pictured).



As ever with Clive, we tried a variety of locations, and the decided to try spinning just below the cliffs. After fishing a few locations without a knock, suddenly Lee, Reg and Matt all hit bass at the same time a shoal moved through. These were all in the 2-3lb range. Then no further bites. We tried trolling with plugs, spoons, spinners and poppers without success so went back to bait fishing in a new location.

There was fight for the cabin on the return which Graham and I, being total gentlemen, won leaving the other to get soaked with spray as we returned against the increasing wind.

However, we all had a fresh fish or two for the evening meal, with the majority being returned.