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Chub opening to the season - 16/06/14

As I often do, I managed to be on the banks of the River Wye at midnight on June 16th after chub.  This time was quite by chance so I only had my emergency tin of Spam in my tackle bag, so decided to touch leger in the dark. however, with the longer days and using a cane rod, I could still see the rod all through the night.

It only took ten minutes before I had a strong pull on my delicate bait, a 1.5" chunk of spam on a sixe 4 hook, and I was into a good chub, one of 5 I caught up to 4lb in the next three hours before I ran out of bait and decided it was time for bed. I'm finding as I get older, my ability to still do stupid things is declining, but a great way to greet the new season.