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Meeting Peter Butler and Fred Wilton - 14/06/14

Saturday 14th June was spent with Peter Butler making a recording for the Angling Heritage website. Anglers of my generation will remember for his many articles in Fishing magazine in the 1960's, and particularly his phenomenal roach catches from the London Reservoirs. Peter also founded the London Specimen Hunters Club in 1954, and was one of the pioneers of fishing in Ireland making unbelievable catches of rudd. Much of the conversation was recorded and will soon appear on the Angling Heritage website. I must also thank Shirley, Peter's wife for the refreshments as we talked for hours as only anglers can.

The following day on the way to Hereford we met Fred Wilton, the man credited with developing the current generation of carp baits, and had a very pleasant couple of hours talking about this development. Fred has agreed to do a recording later in the year for the AH website too, something to look forward to.