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Out on the Kennet - 09/03/12

I had planned a couple of days on the Kennet a few weeks earlier but had been laid low by a stomach problem, but quickly rearranged it before the coarse season closed with my fishing buddy Reg.  Travelling up from Devon, I had agreed to meet Reg at 10am to start fishing in the parklands just above Newbury.

Gary, the river keeper suggested we fish started just above a metal bridge as a couple of chub had been taken there recently.  I set up the trotting gear and after a couple of trots to get the depth right was immediately into the usual trout.  However, a couple of casts later, struck into a good chub which pulled the scales down to 5lb 1oz; a great start.

After a couple more trout, we moved up to the hatch pool where I touch legered and Reg could use his delicate quiver tip. Reg experienced steady sport fishing just off the far bank, whereas I caught one or two fish.  I then moved to trot down another carrier catching a solitary trout.

We ended the day fishing a deep pool behind a bridge with freelined lobworm catching more trout and a few chub.

I had experienced one of those days where nothing works properly.  All the casts are too short or too long, or I got snagged.  It tried a feeder which caught on the far bank.  I walked around as I don't like losing tackle and managed to free it, but ripped my quilted trousers on barbed wire in the process - saving a few quid but knowing it will cost me in the future.

The highlights, other than the chub was watching birds of prey.  I has seen buzzards, kite, a sparrowhawk and even a barn owl amongst a host of songbirds.

The second day, it was a clear, crisp, frosty morning. I was on my own and having been so disgusted with my fishing performance on the previous day, I decided to start by breaking all my tackle down and setting up all over again.  I fished immeasuably better on the second day, but all I caught was masses of trout.  I think I must have caught every one in the river ranging from 1.5lb to about 3lb!!  I stopped counting when I reached the mid-twenties.

Try as I may, I really struggled for the coarse fish catching only two or three smaller chub of around 2lb. I really wanted a perch and fished all the likely looking pegs only to be rewarded with yet more trout.

I ended the day moving back up to where I caught the good chub on the previous day - and caught another 8 trout in 10 trots!! So ended up at the hatch pool as the light started to fall.  I then caught a chub followed by.....another trout.  Gary came and joined me borrowong my trotting rod, and he managed a trout from the carrier just behind me.

Then it happened, I stuck into a fish which I thought was another trout, but turned out to be a 2lb+ perch. What a fabulous way to end a day.  Gary waded over and fished the far side of the pool and he caught a 5lb+ chub on float tackle. Although the fish were now on the feed, it seemed the ideal time to pack up and celebrate our catches with a piping hot cup of tea with hobnobs.

It had been a great couple of days and I was delighted with my perch, and the company was great too which is always equally important.