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Latest News in March 2022

Finally I get around to a newsletter.  Firstly, the storms of recent weeks hammered North Devon and one of the several trees that fell by our shop took out the telephone lines and despite several promises from BT, it took two weeks to be repaired which proved a major headache.  The connection has now been repaired although the new wires are just lying on the ground so  we hope the farmers don't cut the grass in the near future.

After that, Opayo with whom we process our orders had a system fault which prevented the system from processing orders also failed - the joys of modern technology.

I am pleased to say Recollections V which features Dave Steuart and Bob Church arrival is imminent. Sadly, with Covid ever-present we cannot do a book signing due to the health risks to Dave Steuart so we are visiting Dave to get the books signed before shipment. So they should be on their way by the month end. The delay has been due to the text being printed on the wrong paper. However, our son Lee who has taken over the publishing, is just as painstaking as Sandy (under her watchful eye) and has insisted on it being redone as it has to be the same standard as the previous editions in the series. There aren't many left so if you would like one, I wouldn't hesitate. The various styles are listed on the website.

We have also taken in a wealth of new books so if you want that new book to take with you to the bankside for a break in fishing have a new look at the stocks.
We also have a River Reads Facebook page so if you want day to day information, it is open and free to all, as is Keith's personal page so you can follow his fishing escapades throughout the year when he should be working hard in River Reads!!!!