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Freezing Darracott - January 2009

Christmas over, and 2009 fast approaching, Lee and I decided to have a last fishing session together before he returned to Edinburgh. We arrived at the reservoir shortly before 1.00 p.m. and decided that the best bet would be to fish the deeper water due to the ice forming on the surface. I tried float fishing with maggots, whereas Lee tried fishing for perch with double lobworm adjacent to the tower. I didn't have a bite all afternoon, but Lee was having problems with his worms being eaten from his hook without a bite registering. Knowing that perch don't like too much resistance when taking, he changed to a paternoster rig and managed to get a short take which he duly missed. The temperature had been below zero all day, and the reservoir was frozen over completely for the next few days so at least we can use the extreme cold as an excuse for our failure. This is the first time in 14 or 15 years that this water has frozen over completely, and as this is probably some of the deepest water in North Devon, it meant there was no point travelling to fish other still waters as, likely or not, they would be frozen over too.

Still we enjoyed feeding the robins, even if two cock robins spent more time fighting than eating!!