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Catching the Impossible - November 2008

I had recently been told that Hugh Miles was going to show the first episode of his new series "Catching the Impossible" at the Ferndown Centre just outside Poole on the 25th November, and couldn't pass up the chance to go and see it. I had heard about the size of the fish that Martin Bowler and Bernard Cribbins had caught, and had been filmed by Hugh, and they did not disappoint. But I was unprepared for his outstanding underwater camera work, which is breathtaking. If Hugh hadn't shown his audience how it was filmed, you could have been forgiven for thinking it was computer-generated. You watch Martin catching a 15lb barbel on the Ouse, but to see the same fish sampling the loosefeed prior to taking the bait was ... well, words fail me! And if, after watching this jaw-dropping feat of angling you are unimpressed, keep watching and you'll see a shoal of very big perch appearing from the gloom of the river as the gather to attack their prey. One person used a very visual description of 'looking like a bunch of football hooligans on the rampage' and it was easy to see why.

This amazing new series was always going to be first-class when once considers Hugh's earlier triumphs in film production and this latest masterpiece has lost none of his magic. Martin Bowler is clearly an outstanding angler, and don't get the impression that Bernard Cribbins is the same in life as in the Carry-On films; he is a skilful and passionate angler with a wonderful voice so ideally suited to this fascinating film.

Hugh's exacting standards in film-making mean that he is still working on the series which comprises eight one hour episodes, the first three of which were released in November 2008 on DVD. However, he is still editing his work, and has had offers from several TV channels to screen this extraordinary film-footage but doesn't want to commit to anyone until he has completed this project to his satisfaction.

When the series is finished you will see the following being caught - 44lb carp (on a float), 33lb pike, 10lb tench, 3lb roach, 4lb crucian - the list just goes on and on. It is also enhanced by cameos from the iconic Chris Yates, Des Taylor, Terry Lampard, John Wilson etc.

This DVD should be on a 'must have' list and not only for anglers; the underwater filming of wild fish in the natural habitat is simply amazing and will also appeal to non-anglers. The book which accompanies the series is superb and we have a limited number of signed copies. Our first order has sold out and we are expecting a new delivery any day so if you want one, don't delay. Contact or telephone 01805 625888 to order a copy.