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Fly Fishing the World on a Shoestring - 21/20/05

Author: Duncan Hall

Publisher: Privately Published

Date: 2020

Rating: ***

I was attracted to this book as the author fly fishes some of the premier places in the world in his quest for catching wild fish, mainly of the salmon family.

Each chapter is a new venue and ones I would love to fish although I am an all- rounder, not a skilled salmon angler. Nevertheless I wanted to gain insight into Hall’s experiences.  He seems to enjoy the surroundings and mixing with the locals rather than staying at the deluxe lodges which can prove horrendously expensive.

He describes the excitement and frustrations well and the book is lavishly illustrated by excellent photographs which will make you want to go there and there are always tips on the tackle he uses, either in the text or in a summary at the end.

However, the title of the book is how to do it on a shoestring.  There are no costs anywhere in the book, and I feel the title does warrant this. I would like to read how much a “cheap” trip to the Kola Peninsula costs, as I still think it would be beyond the means of many, which would be a shame after raising the level of excitement fishing for monster salmon.

My other disappointment is that it is privately published and I think it would have been enhanced by the work of a good editor to help the flow of the text as it does almost repeat text on occasions.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and feel inspired to look at some of the adventures for Golden Dorado and Peacock Bass, as South America hasn’t appeared on my bucket list before. It is well worth a read.