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The Song of the Solitary Bass Fisher - 03/07/20

Author: James ‘Leakyboots’ Batty

Publisher: Merlin Unwin

Date: 2018

Rating: ***

I borrowed this book to learn more about bass fishing from the shore as my sojourns to date have been less than great except for catching loads of schoolies. The only decent one I have caught was around 7 lbs and from a boat, so the skill is all the skippers.

After reading the first few chapters of the book I was able to see many of the mistakes I make, as I am guided more by the tide than by daylight hours. ‘Leakyboots’ recommends the two hours before dawn as the optimum time followed by the hours after sunset. He also uses big baits in shallowish water 2-3 feet deep, about 20-30 yards from the shore also preferring rough conditions – more of my mistakes. This gives a totally different perspective to that which you might read elsewhere, but judging by his catches I shall follow most of his advice.  As a result, I feel much better informed and more prepared to take on the better bass, so the book has fulfilled my primary objective.

However, I found the publisher’s style as unusual as the author’s approach using different typefaces to represent different aspects throughout the book, with the odd picture thrown in. I found this a bit off-putting having to go backwards and forwards to follow the text and read all the notes.

The quips the author throws in are witty and enhanced the text but by the time I got to the end, I did feel a bit indoctrinated by the repetition of so many of his basic principals. I feel the publishers job is to edit the text so the flows is enhanced and this doesn’t happen so often in this book

I would suggest that anybody who is interested in catching bass should read it as it may well alter their thinking for the better, but I would have preferred a more orthodox presentation