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The Sea Trout

Author: Hugh Falkus

Publisher: H F & G Witherby Ltd

Date: 1987

Rating: ***


This is a short review otherwise this would be longer than this book which was published as a limited edition to celebrate  Hugh Falkus’ 70th year, and 25 years since his seminal work “Sea Trout Fishing” was published. 

The book is a very short story about an angler who sees a sea trout of his lifetime, and his desire and determination to capture it, but having done so the capture is tinged with sadness for the demise of a superb fish. 

Falkus was a graphic writer and this is a beautifully crafted short story enhanced by Christopher Wormell’s illustrations. Whilst I believe that only Falkus’ devotees would buy a book for its brief content, it was after all written by a master of literature and is therefore a good, short read.