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Trotting on the Culm - 06/07/18

Trotting is undoubtedly my favourite form of fishing. With the new season underway and having tried most types of fishing I was craving a session with the float so headed to the River Culm even though we still had not seen any rain but you live in hope.

Iarrived and found the river above its normal summer level flowing well with a brown tint.  It had rained and someone had kept it quiet!!! It looked great conditions for trotting, I just couldn't believe my luck.

I set myself down after kitting up with the Avocet, Aeriel pin (I have switched to a wide drum model and the five inch Billy Lane style reel is just too narrow, especially in a cross wind. This one is much easier to use.

After feeding a swim  with a regular few maggots, I started trotting and over the next couple of hours I had 10 chub, nothing of any size with the best about 1lb plus some small dace and roach. I was like a kid sitting on the bank again catching small fish.

I seem to have outgrown the quest for big fish all the time but my level of enjoyment at days like this has undoubtedlly increased with age. I really appreciate my surroundings.