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A Kennet Interlude - 13/11/17

My friend Gary managed to arrange for me to fish one of the cariers on the River Kennet. The carrrir was incredibly low, about half the depth it normally is, barely 18" deep and no sign of fish showing. however, I know from past experiences that doesn't mean there are no fish there so I set up with my centre pin and float for a bit of trotting which I am really enjoying.  

I didn't expect much but from moving from one swim to another after a few fish bagged around 70-80 roach, nothing huge, just up to 6oz but good for the future. I also had 4 trout including my first ever truly wild brown trout, a couple of chub, a few perch and a dozen or so dace to 4oz but the highlight was undoubtedly3 gudgeon.

The smallest one in the photograph was nearly 6" long with the biggest was pushing 8", far and away my personal best so a great day out all around.