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Trout on a Stormy Night - 08/08/17

After being housebound for a week or so looking after an unwell Sandy, I decided I just had to get out, even if it was just for an hour fly fishing on the River Torridge.

I arrived at around 6.30 and the weather which had been changing every hour or so looked like it may hold out for me. I set up a 7' rod and a parachute fly so that I can see it in the less well lit areas under the trees, a usual summer haunt. The river was about 12" up on last time and coloured, although you could just make out the bottom in 18" of water so I thought they may see a dark fly on the surface. I don't wet fly fish as the fun of fly fishing for me is targeting the rise - although there weren't any at all that I could see.

I worked my way gently past the first few trees wading up the river casting to the left and the right, when the rains came. I decided to shelter under one of the overhanging trees and whilst standing there I realised I could still fish the opposite bank with roll casts etc and, amazingly, had the only take of the night. A nice sea trout (peal to the locals) which fought and jumped well on the light tackle gradually came to hand.

I unhooked it and got a quick photo before gently returning it as the rains gradually became harder and developed into a thunderstorm. So, being a fair weather angler, I packed up and dashed back to the car. The session lasted barely half an hour but was enough to restore the equilibrium aided by one of my best Torridge trout.