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All at Sea- Again! - 26/06/17

We had such a good day last week that we couldn't resist going out again, but this time, due to tides, we fished for ray first, catching five between us, and a smoothhound.

We then headed out to for a mark 1.5 miles from the shore as the tidal was slackening and we could fish without using massive weights. Initially nothing happened, then the boat was moved back only 20 yards behind a rock we were directly over, and the tide slowly picked up and it was constant sport for an hour. We caught tope, pollack (good sized ones too), a couple of mackerel, a herring, smoothhound, bull huss and the obligatory dogfish. At one point we had 3 pollack, a bream and a tope on all at the same time which managed to knot themselves under the boat. It was angling chaos, but great fun, and there was a queue for the landing net.

As the tide became too strong for our lighter tackle, we returned to the sandy shore mark for more ray, but we caught a solitary dogfish so took that as a sign to return to Clovelly for a little libation.