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A Day in the Sun


A Day in the Sun

With the weather so fantastic down here I had to get out and fish Darracott last evening.

It was one of those night when I just couldn't seem to get th float rig balanced, probably as it is  so long since I fished a stillwater. Eventually it felt right and after struggling to get a bite, they started to come quickly and I had a few bits before this carp turned up and ruined my chance of better roach and rudd.  I then packed packed up after basking for an hour or two.

The carp was another fish with a damaged mouth. Why do people use too powerful tackle and strike too hard, or use bolt rigs with barbed hooks. This is one of the downsides of anglers not knowing what they are doing in modern carp fishing. This was fish landed on light roach tackle as there aren't any snags nearby so there is no need for over-heavy tackle.

But what a great night to be by the water. Any longer and I would have risked sunburn

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