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Day 2 - On the Winkton Carrier with Hugh Miles

After a day on the Frome, I had another great day fishing a carrier on the Hampshire Avon at Winkton as the guest of Hugh Miles. It is always great to try new waters especially in such great company as Hugh. The fishing was tough but I managed to catch several minnows plus 7 gudgeon, a couple of parr and a bag of small dace.

Watching Hugh trot the carrier made me realise that my technique was more like lurching than trotting with my couple of maggots, but how H enjoy it. Hugh had a similar catch but he did also manage 2 or 3 nice dace in his bag.

This spell of fishing made me feel really lucky having met and become friends of such nice people through the shop such as Trevor yesterday and Hugh today. One of the great joys of fishing is undobtedlysharing the experience with such great companions.