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The First Fish of 2017

After the burst of rain we had a couple of weeks ago, the Devon rivers rose and flowed like liquid mud, another dry spell has allowed them to return to a clearer condition so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try trotting for grayling locally on the Tamar, my first trip of the year.

I fished my most productive run to start with and only had one fish, second cast, so switched to the flow passing around a tree, trotting with red maggot and bagged a few more. This picture is the best of the fish probably over 1.5lbs as it was deep and fat.

The fishing was slow but enjoyable, but oh the reel! - I think it is destined for the bin. If ever the line went slack the line snagged behind the back plate, even just a twitch to shake a leaf was enough. I know I was only using 3lb line 0.006" diameter, but I spent more time clearing knots than I did fishing!!! It is a Madfish 4.5” diameter. The first one I had didn’t run smoothly so Summerlands in Westward Ho! allowed me to change it.  His second one ran very freely but the snagging was relentless! On the bank I took the check spring off, the operating knob off. Now I am home, the line guide is coming off – I don’t like them anyway. The other spring posts will be removed which should allow me to modify the centre spindle to enable the spool to run further into the backplate.  I’ll keep you posted how I get on but just don’t buy one. I think the manufacturing clearances are too large for fine line fishing as it is supplied.