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Fishing in Madeira - 23/10/15

I have always fancied catching a Wahoo, and Madeira is the nearest place to the UK to do it and the best time is meant to be October, so when Sandy suggested spending our 30th wedding anniversary there in October, I thought what a great idea.


My fishing buddies have also shown an interest in fishing there so this diary piece will differ from the norm to include information other visitors to the island may find helpful.


However, the plan did not allow for the tail end of the hurricane 'Joaquin' which had recently swept the west coast of the United States, and faded as it headed east across the Atlantic, ending up over Madeira.


On arrival we had two nice days and I walked to the Marina where there are kiosks where you can book your fishing. From the information I had read in the past, I opted for “Our Mary”. This is a Mitchell boat taken over from the UK many years ago. You may have seen John Wilson and Matt Hayes both fishing from it in recent times. It was still immaculate and used Shimano gear so had obviously been well looked after.


The price in the kiosks was pretty much the same for each charter boat, 230 Euros per angler with a minimum of two required to make the trip viable for a seven hour trip, with a charge for passengers at 50 euros. The four hour trip for beginners is 175 euros with watchers at 30 euros. You can charter the boat for 950 euros for a full 7 hours or 630 euros for 4 hours. I wanted to catch a Wahoo, and as I had booked the boat first for that day, I had the choice of the type of trip and opted for trolling for the seven hours as against deep sea bottom fishing. The maximum number of anglers on a trolling trip is five, but there were only two of us on the day we managed to fish.



So all was set - until the storm hit, stopping all boats sailing for two days – including  the day I had booked. They kiosk offered to refund my deposit but I rebooked for the following Tuesday, five days later.


The rain fell steadily and the streams filled up all over the island and spewed brown water into the bay. As there isn’t a huge tide or current there, the brown water just stayed close in to the shore and the line between clear and dirty water was such a contrast, it looked as if it had been painted in. We trolled up to the cliffs on the south west of the island at 7-8 knots, at a depth of around 80 meters, the optimum for Wahoo.