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Angling Heritage work - 11/08/15

I've just spent Sunday and Monday setting up the initial displays in Torrington Museum for Angling Heritage. The rod display featured previously with rods from Winston Churchill, F M Halford, Capt.Tommy Edwards, Fank Sawyer, Hugh Falkus, Fred J Taylor, Gerry Savage, Chris Yates, Derrick Davenport, Peter Stone and the world’s first carbon rod is now in place.



Also there is a cabinet which includes a mass of ephemera from iconic anglers including Sandy's National Fishing Hat Collection featuring the following:-

Chris Yates (2)

Barrie Welham

Richard Walker (2)

Fred J Taylor MBE (2)

Dick Walker (2)

Des Taylor

Barrie Rickards


Finally there is a cabinet with a display of reels across the ages.



There is also a screen where you can view images of the River Torridge and how it has changed over the last 60 years.


Well worth a visit.

Des Taylor

Barrie Rickards

Fred Buller MBE

Well worth a visit if you are in Devon so come along, and if you call us we would be happy to show you the work done to date.