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Flyfishing for Bass in the Taw/Torridge Estuary

After introducing Graham to the joys of Mulleting, we decided to head to Crow Point near Braunton Burrows to fly fish for Bass.


This is best done by walking along the margins at low tide.  There are hundreds of small bass in the weed beds where it is virtually impossible to fly fish effectively so we waded out to the margins and fished in the area where weed growth is more sparse.


It was a hot day pushing 30 degrees, but the wind was stiff at sea level and offshore which made back casting very difficult.  After being so pleased with my fly fishing just a few days before, this showed up al the flaws in my technique (or in reality, lack of it).


We had a couple of hours before the tide returned when it is so powerful and fast, it is virtually impossible to fish.



So we searched about the shoreline catching a small bass each and seeing others all over the weed beds, and by the end, my casting was starting to work as I relaxed and didn’t try to fight the wind. So an enjoyable but tough fishing session.


Perhaps the greatest pleasure is trying so many differing techniques for different species in the course of a week.