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Torridge Trouting - 23/06/15

It is typical of me to leave my first fly fishing trip on the River Torridge to the period when the coarse fishing river season has opened.


However, I was sitting outside eating my tea on a really warm evening, when I had the urge to fish the river. I had no bait for mullet so decided to get out my favourite old cane Hardy CC de France and head off to the Torridge.


The river was up a couple of inches and slightly tinted, but as I prefer fly dry fly fishing I thought I would give it a go.


After watching the river for about 15 minutes, the only rises I could see were from small fish under the trees on the far bank. As I hadn’t cast a fly for nearly a year it seemed a good place to start, using a small dark fly.



I missed a take then after a few takes, I took this small fish. After taking the photo, I saw another rise and hooked another fish of similar size but it managed to throw the hook.


I waded further upstream and after a few minutes noticed more gentle takes, but this time the river erupted as a fish went for the parachute fly I was now using. (There is little thought in which fly I use as I am colour blind and simply look for one of a shade and size).  Sadly I missed it, but felt that it wouldn’t have scared the fish as no contact was made.  I stood still for around 5-10 minutes and then tried again, but this time I caught this beautiful brownie. The Torridge is not stocked in the lower reaches and this is a truly wild fish and of a pretty good size for the river.



I was delighted and for the first time felt like I was a proper fly fisherman, as the casting on the day was good and I was getting well under the trees without losing a fly.