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Free at Last!! - 18/03/15


After being largely housebound for a month, it was SO good to be outside fishing again, albeit at the local reservoir on a glorious sunny spring day.



I limped along and set myself up for a couple of hours floatfishing with a grain of sweetcorn on a size 10 hook (yes that is delicate for me) and after a quarter of an hour or so caught my first roach of around 1.5lb followed by another of 8 oz and a third of nearly 12 oz before I caught the usual carp – also with the usual lips missing from carpies utilising too heavy rods for short range striking.



Finally as the light fell and the temperature plummeted I managed another nice roach over half a pound before packing up and hobbling home again.  I know I will suffer for it tomorrow but it was just great to be outdoors again.


I hope to get a days spinning in on the Torridge this month before my EA licence runs out at the end of the month.