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River Reads completes its move to a new move - 15/12/14

We’ve moved

Well, we've moved and all is finally well with the world. We have the internet and our old phone number has now been transferred. So it should be business as usual. The only difference being that if you want to visit, please ring before setting out as I may be fishing. There is a also a new map on the website of how to find us.

In the meantime I thought you might like to see some of the items we have on display for Angling Heritage until Torrington Museum - their future home is refurbished.


The rod cabinet has several items of note including :-

Winston Churchill's rod.

Frederick Halford's sea and coarse rod.

Tommy Edwards' (Hardy's casting instructor) tournament rods.

A "Signature" Mk IV by B James with black whippings.

Chris Yates' Mk IV he purchased at Redmire, plus his old Hardy "Perfection Roach" and an Allcock "Light Caster" but most famous is the prototype "Barbus Maximus" in three pieces he used on "A Passion for Angling".

Frank Sawyer's Pezon and Michel.

The prototype Carbon Fibre rod made from the first batch of carbon fibre. A project between Hardy, RAE Farnborough and Richard Walker (then part of the Moncrieff Rod Development Company).

A special white "Hexagraph" made for Hugh Falkus to demonstrate casting by Bruce & Walker.

Derrick Davenport's salmon rod (of Davenport & Fordham fame).

A "Chevin" fibreglass rod. Only 2 were made for Fred J Taylor and his son-in-law Ian Howcroft whose pen name is Chevin.

Two of Fred J Taylor's Hardy "touch leger" prototypes and his brother Ken Taylor's fly rod.

Peter Stone's Modern Arms fly rod.

The "Dame Juliana" rod used by Fred J Taylor when fishing with Fred Buller who authored a work on the Dame.

Finally Gerry savage's rod reel and landing net handle. Gerry was the pioneer of angling on the radio with a programme started in Kent and then taken up by Radio London. Gerry was also a pioneer of winter carping with Fred Wilton.

Finally, there is a little vintage ice fishing rod.