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Late June and stillwater fishing - 27/06/12

Whilst my preference is always to fish wild water, the lack of summer has caused the rivers to run like soup so for a quiet evening fish I returned to Darracott and some floatfishing hoping for a tench among the silver fish.

When I arrived on a sultry evening, the carp were very active and it didn't take long until I hooked one.  I bullied it to the best of my ability on 6lb line necessary for the tench, only to lose it as it made one last dive into some weed as I reached for the net.

I settled back waiting for things to settle, loose feeding little and often and before long I was into another fish - another carp!!!- this time all went well and I netted a fish of 12lb 14oz.  and again the swim had been disturbed. I always try not to catch the carp as they aren't my favourite fish, much preferring rudd and roach as they cause mayhem on lightish tackle spoiling the other fishing.

Gradually things settled down and the roach and rudd came onto the feed and after about 10 fish up to the 12oz mark I struck into---- another carp. This was an old friend with a deformed mouth caused by people striking too hard or using bolt rigs (This is another reason I don't like carp fishing as much of the modern techniques show little though for the fish and anglers simply use a thoughtless routine inspired by reading about one must have item of tackle or rig). This was netted again and at that point I decided it was time to call it a day. Next time I fish there I'll make sure that the carp aren't feeding as they are just too easy to catch on such days.