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To help our customers in their search for titles by some of the favourite and most collectible authors, we have collated several bibliographies. Please click on any author below to see full details. If you are aware of any items that should be added to any of these lists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Taylor, Fred J, MBE


Title Publisher Date Published
Angling in EarnestMacGibbon & Kee1958
How to Fish the Upper Great OusePutnam1960
Favourite SwimsMacGibbon & Kee1961
Fish of Rivers, Lakes and PondsBlandford1961
Angling in Earnest (Enlarged)MacGibbon & Kee1967
Angeln Mit Pfiff (German)Albert Muller1968
Angling in EarnestMacGibbon & Kee1969
Fishing Here and ThereMacGibbon & Kee1970
Tench FishingAngling Times1962
Fishing with the Experts. A Mr Crabtree BookDaily Mirror1974
101 Fishing TipsAngler's Mail1975
The Shooting Times Guide to FerretingPercival Marshall1977
Sucessful AnglingStanley Paul1977
Fishing with the ExpertsDavid & Charles1978
Fishing for TenchStanley Paul1979
Shooting Times Guide to FerretingPercival Marshall1979
One for the PotA & C Black1979
Angling in EarnestStanley Paul1980
My Fishing YearsDavid & Charles1981
ScheienangelnPaul Parey1981
Pesca Deportiva (Spanish)Ediciones Ludiun1982
Reflections on the WaterBuchan & Enwright1982
Reflections of a CountrymanStanley Paul1982
The Shooting Times Guide to FerretingAshford, Buchan & Enwright1983
Successful AnglingStanley Paul1983
One for the PotBurlington1986
Fred J Taylor's Guide to FerretingBuchan & Enwright1988
One for the PotAshford1992
Reflections of a CountrymanMerlin Unwin1997
Reflections of a CountrymanWhite Lion1999
Country HeartsColt Books2001
Reflections of a CountrymanWhite Lion2001
Travellin' ManWatermeadow Press2001
Favourite SwimsWatermeadow Press2006
Rabbiting ManCoch-y-Bonddu2007
Freddie the Fearless FrogWatermeadow Press2007
RecollectionsAngling Heritage2009


Title Author Publisher Date Published Content
How to Fish the Suffolk StourAnthony ShepherdsonPutnam1960Artwork
How to Fish the Huntspill RiverRaymond PerrettPutnam1960Artwork
How to Fish a Highland StreamJohn Inglis HallPutnam1960Artwork
The Fisherman's Fireside BookClive GammonHeinemann1961Written Contribution
Illutrated Teach Yourself Coarse FishingPeter StoneBrockhampton Press1962Written Contribution
The Second Angling Times BookTombleson, Peter & Thorndike, Jack (Eds.)E M Art & Publishing1962Written Contribution
The Third Angling Times BookTombleson, Peter & Thorndike, Jack (Eds)E M Art & Publishing1963Written Contribution
The Fourth Angling Times BookTombleson, Peter & Thorndike, Jack (Eds)E M Art & Publishing1965Written Contribution
LegeringPeter StoneARCO1963Written Contribution
A Guide to Coarse FishingPeter StoneBrockhampton Press1964Written Contribution
The Fens BookGeoffery Dibb (Ed)George Goodwin1964Written Contribution
The Angler's Bedside BookMaurice WigginBatsford1965Written Contribution
To Catch a Big FishDavid Carl ForbesNewnes1967Written Contribution
Fishing as We Find ItPeter WheatFrederick Warne1967Written Contribution
Fred Buller's Book of Rigs and TackleFred BullerPaulton House1967Written Contribution
Spinning for PikeR C R BarderArco1970Foreword
Angler's YearPeter WheatPelham1970Written Contribution
Angler's Year No.2Peter WheatPelham1971Written Contribution
Through the Fishes EyeMark Sosin & John ClarkAndre Deutsch1976Introduction
Spinners, Spoons and Wobbled BaitsBarrie Rickards & Ken WhiteheadA & C Black1977Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1973John Ingham (Ed)IPC Magazines1973Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1974John Inghamfleetway1974Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1975John Ingham (Ed)Fleetway1975Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1976John Ingham (Ed)Fleetway1976Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1978John Ingham (Ed)Fleetway1978Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1979John Ingham (Ed)Fleetway1979Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1980John Ingham (Ed)Fleetway1980Written Contribution
The Shell Book of AnglingRichard Walker (Ed)David & Charles1979Written Contribution
Go Fishing With Jack CharltonJack CharltonCollins / Channel 41983Written Contribution
Redmire PoolClifford, Kevin & Arbery, LenBeekay1984Foreword
Dick Walker.... A MemoirThe Carp SocietyThe Carp Society1988Written Contribution
Catching Big TenchLen ArburyDavid & Charles1989Written Contribution
The Great AnglersJohn BaileyDavid & Charles1990Biographical
The Book of the Perch by the PerchfishersP RogersOxford Illustrated Press1990Written Contribution
The Kingswood Book of FishingPawson, Tony (Ed)Kingswood1992Written Contribution
Carp Amid the StormTim PaisleyAngling Publications1992Foreword
ChubThe Chub Study GroupBoydell1994Written Contribution
Confessions of a Carp FisherBBWhite Lion1997Foreword
The River PrinceChris YatesMedlar Press1998Written Contribution
Carp TalesPaul Selman (Ed)Laneman Publishing1998Written Contribution
A Century of Carp FishingKevin Clifford, Chris Ball and Tim PaisleyCarptalk2000Written Contribution
Peter Stone - The Gentleman of AnglingThe Barbel SocietyThe Barbel Society2001Written Contribution
Spin Me a LineRichard WalkerLittle Egret Press2007Written Contribution
Modern Lure FishingProf. Barrie RickardsCrowood2008Written Contribution
Times to Remember IIBob ButeuxLittle Egret Press2009Written Contribution
Our Days with DickIan HowcroftWatermeadow Press2010Written Contribution
Fishing for LifeDerek DavenportWye Angling Publications2010Foreword


Title Subject Issue Date Published
The Angling NewsWotton Weekend8 Jul 1955
The Angling NewsTake the lift when tench are finicky12 Aug 1955
The Angling NewsHot weather tench19 Aug 1955
The Angling News'Easy' Redmire2 Sep 1955
Midland AnglerIt's All So Easy - When You Know HowVol. 13 No. 11Apr-59
Midland AnglerIt's The Trail That CountsVol. 14 No. 4Sep-59
Midland AnglerThe Lighter Side of the DroughtVol. 15 No. 6Nov-59
Midland AnglerPlan Your Season Now!Vol. 15 No. 6Jun-60
Fishing GazetteGoing Coarse Fishing 15 - About These "Charlies"Vol.142 No. 4325Mar 12, 1960
Fishing GazetteFlood Water FishingVol.142 No.4366Dec 24, 1960
Fishing GazetteGoing Coarse Fishing 40 - Sense of Smell Among FishVol.143 No.4377Mar 11, 1961
Fishing GazetteGoing Coarse Fishing 41 - Can Anglers Smell Fish?Vol.143 No.4379Mar 25, 1961
Fishing GazetteGoing Coarse Fishing 42 - Close Season ThoughtsVol.143 No. 4381Apr 8, 1961
Fishing GazetteGoing Coarse Fishing 43 - Natural BaitsVol.143 No. 4383Apr 22, 1961
Fishing GazetteGoing Coarse Fishing 58 - Bait Droppers and Swim-FeedersVol.143 No.4413Nov 18, 1961
Fishing GazetteGoing Coarse Fishing 62 - Winter TenchVol.144 No.4424Feb 3, 1962
Shooting Times & Country MagazineThe ApprenticeJan 4-10 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineBackend BackupsFeb 1-7 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineOh To Be In...ScotlandFeb 15-21 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineHare FieldMar 1-7 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineSnakes AliveMar 15-21 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineFood For ThoughtMar 29- Apr 4 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineParadise LostApr 12-18 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineFerret Fatalities - 2Apr 26- May 2 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineFriendly FerretsMay 10-16 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineRandom Trout ThoughtsMay 24-30 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineCarp MagicJun 7-13 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineHandling FerretsJun 21-27 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineLow ProfileJul 5-11
Shooting Times & Country MagazineTo Crop Or Not to CropJul 19-25 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineThings That Go Bump In The NightAug 2-8 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineOver The RainbowAug 16-22 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineMan's MeddlingAug 30- Sep 5 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineSoftly SoftlySep 13-19 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineCrawdads And CraysSep 27- Oct 3 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineSport And The FutureOct 11-17 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineFirst Time Out ...Oct 25-31 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineJust Like Old TimesNov 8-14 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineGoing For BrokeNov 22-28 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineAutumn GoldDec 6-12 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineA Field DayDec 20-26 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineNetworkApr 10-16, 1980
Shooting Times & Country MagazineDevons and DevicesMay 22-28, 1980
Shooting Times & Country MagazineNuts About SquirrelsOct 2 - 8, 1980
Shooting Times & Country MagazineThe Sporting ApproachOct 30 - Nov 5, 1980
Shooting Times & Country MagazineAll In The GameMar 26- Apr 1 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazineOff-Peak ThoughtsApr 9-15 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazineMore Night NoisesMay 21-27, 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazinePlugs and ThingsMay 28-Jun 3, 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazineThoughts About BleepersJun 4-10 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazineLiving And LearningJun 18-24 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazineSwans and FishersOct 1-7, 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazineChristmas Smoked TroutNov 26- Dec 2, 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazinePrecious TimeMay 26 - Jun 1, 1983
Shooting Times & Country MagazineSquirrels Par ExcellenceDec 27 1984 -Jan 2 1985
Shooting Times & Country MagazineOdd AnimalsJan 10-16 1985
Shooting Times & Country MagazineCoarse TroutFeb 7-13 1985
Shooting Times & Country MagazineKeeping The Ladies HappyFeb 21-27 1985
Shooting Times & Country MagazineOperation HobApr 18-24 1985
Shooting Times & Country MagazinePike FishingDec 27 1985 -Jan 2 1986
Shooting Times & Country MagazineSmells And HookbaitsMay 15-21 1986
Shooting Times & Country MagazineSonar TroutingJuly 10-16 1986
Shooting Times & Country MagazineKentucky Fried SquirrelMar 5-11, 1987
Shooting Times & Country MagazineMushroom MemoriesJul 23-29, 1992
Shooting Times & Country MagazineLuck of the GameJul 23, 1998
Angler's Annual 1962The Art of the Specialist1962
Angler's Annual 1965The antis of angling1965
Anglers' Annual 1967Who shall control?1967
Angler's Annual 1969Stars, Stripes and the English Angler1969
Angler's Annual 1970The Proper Preservation of Pike1970
Anglers' Annual 1971Ban the Ban on Trailing1971
Anglers' Annual 1973Changing Tactics for Perch1973
Fisherman's Handbook, Advanced GuideLake MaginsPart 711979
AnglingI Want Fun in My Pike FishingFeb 1962
AnglingWeights and BaitsMarch 1962
AnglingPlans and CrazesApril 1962
AnglingMy Luck in Pre-Baited SwimsJuly 1962
AnglingDead Baits for PerchFeb-64
AnglingHypocrasy in AnglingMay-64
AnglingCatching These LivebaitsJun-64
AnglingPike Tackles and Their UsesApr-65
AnglingHow to use a Fixed Spool ReelJun-65
AnglingWays of LegeringJul-65
AnglingBig BarbelJul-6
AnglingFishing Around Table RockJan-69
AnglingThe PierFeb-69
AnglingThe BridgeMar-69
AnglingMaddie's May monsterApr-69
AnglingThe Scottish DeeMay-69
AnglingStar LakeJun-69
AnglingShingle DubJul-69
AnglingThe College on the ThamesAug-69
AnglingBeacon MereSep-69
AnglingTern TenchOct-69
AnglingWay out westNov-69
AnglingGrayling on the TestDec-69
Angling"Splodging" is a Dirty WorldOct-70
AnglingPike in the ColdNov-70
AnglingPike Fishing in DepthDec-70
AnglingCamping and FishingJan-71
AnglingFred Among the MatchmenFeb-71
AnglingOne Upmanship in AnglingMar-71
AnglingTench TalkApr-71
AnglingVariations on the 'Induced Take'May-71
AnglingA Brace for BreakfastJun-71
AnglingHow to Pick Pike LuresSep-71
AnglingThe Best Pike Fishing in EuropeMar-72
AnglingLight-Tackle PikingSep-77
AnglingThoughts on DeadbaitingNov-77
AnglingThe Survival GameJun-79
AnglingAngling SecretsJan-81
AnglingAttract or RepelFeb-81
FishingDeadbait VariationsIssue 1
FishingSwim-Feeders. Their Use and MisuseIssue 4
FishingA Blessing in DisguiseIssue 8
FishingThere's an Art in Worming for SalmonIssue 11
FishingDown to the SeaIssue 13
FishingDeadbaits: Are Tail First Retrieves the Answer?Issue 16
FishingMinnow for Barbel - On a Rolling LegerIssue 19
FishingMonster Fish. On Our Tackle We Could Never Hold ThemIssue 20
FishingPygmy FishIssue 28
FishingIs This Really Progress?Issue 34
FishingThe Odd Things that Fish EatIssue 37
FishingWhy it's Wire for MeIssue 40
FishingThe Facts About Private WatersIssue 41
FishingWe Must Have RulesIssue 43
FishingSmall River SpinningIssue 46
FishingTainted Baits that don't Affect our FishingIssue 50
FishingTaking the Toil out of GroundbaitingIssue 53
FishingSick Chub of the Hampshire AvonIssue 57
FishingLine Strength and Bait PreservationIssue 67
FishingCatches by Design - Not by AccidentIssue 70
FishingLet's Admit it, Fish are IntelligentIssue 72
FishingThis Angling, and Things that go Bump in the NightIssue 73
FishingSome Different Baits for Small River TroutIssue 82
FishingSmall Tench, Fish in Hiding?Issue 85
FishingDeadbaiting. That's the Method for MeIssue 87
FishingFly Lines, and Why I Shun ThemIssue 90
FishingNoise Can Frighten - or AttractIssue 101
FishingThe Exception that...Makes the RuleIssue 111
FishingInch That Bait AlongIssue 121
FishingBarbel; One Link Between Feeding TimesIssue 136
Fishing'Cats Eyes' for the Night AnglerIssue 137
FishingPike for the TableIssue 144
FishingGroundbait by the BathfulIssue 148
FishingMatters of TemperatureIssue 171
FishingHookout, Dip-Net and StringerIssue 181
FishingFishing in TorchlightIssue 183Jan-69
FishingPike on the FlyIssue 184
FishingWays to Beat Tench and Old WhiskersIssue 189
FishingConservation? We Don't Know the Meaning of it.Issue 191
Coarse AnglerRemembrance at RedmireVol.11, No.4Sep-87
Coarse AnglerPike in the DarkVol.12, No.7Dec-88/Jan-89
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.12, No.8Feb-89
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.12, No. 9Mar-89
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.12, No.10Apr-89
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.12, No.11May-89
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.13, No.1Jun-89
Coarse AnglerQuest for BurbotVol.13, No.2Jul-89
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.13, No.4Sep-89
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.13, No.6Nov-89
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.13, No.7Dec-89/Jan-90
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.13, No.9Mar-90
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.13, No.10Apr-90
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.13, No.11May-90
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.14, No.2Jul-90
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.14, No.3Aug-90
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.14, No.4Sep-90
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.14, No.5Oct-90
Coarse AnglerA Report from "Down Under"Vol.14, No.6Nov-90
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.14, No.7Dec-90/Jan-91
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.14, no.8Mar-91
Coarse AnglerA Great Month for Fish SpottingVol.14, no.11May-91
Coarse AnglerFred J RemembersVol.15, No.1Jun-91
Coarse AnglerWhat's a New BaitVol.15, No.2Jul-91
Coarse AnglerMemorabiliaVol.15, No.4Sep-91
Coarse AnglerPerchVol.15, No.8Feb-92
Angler's WorldWe Know So Little About PerchVol.1 No.1Jun-62
Angler's WorldBig Fish From Small WatersVol.1 No.5Oct-62
Angler's WorldYou Cannot Do Without WireVol.2 No.1Jun-63
Angler's WorldAutumn ChubVol.2 No.5Oct-63
Angler's WorldYou're Still Under Fire Mr. BellinghamVol.2 No.6Nov-63
Angler's WorldIf It's Right For Salmon...Vol.2 No.8Jan-64
Angler's WorldSecret Cat BaitsVol.2 No.10Mar-64
Angler's WorldAvon RoachVol.3 No.5Oct-64
Angler's WorldThe Best Laid SchemesVol.3 No.5Oct-64
Angler's WorldLures and Lure FishingVol.6 No.10Mar-68
Angler's WorldFishing AroundVol.7 No.3Aug-68
Angler's WorldThe BushVol.7 No.4Sep-68
Angler's WorldThe StumpsVol.7 No.5Oct-68
Angler's WorldHigh Pine LakesVol.7 No.6Nov-68
Angler's WorldConfidence TrickVol.7 No.7Dec-68
FishermanReaction to MovementVol.1, No.2Aug-73
FishermanNever on Christmas DayDec-73
FishermanThe Sharp End of Pike TackleVol.1, No.9Mar-74
FishermanWhat's All That Up in the AirVol.1, No.10Apr-74
FishermanYou've Read the Book..Vol.2, No.4Oct-74
FishermanWhy Did The Carp Cross The Road?Vol.2, No.8Feb-75
FishermanScience; A New Way To Good FishingVol.3, No.1Jul-75
Fisherman's WeeklyThe Favourite Float MythVol.1 No.6April 19, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyQuick Reference Chart - PerchVol.1 No.9May 10, 1979
Carp FisherA Letter from Fred J TaylorNo. 14Summer 1988
Carp FisherBack 40 Years or MoreNo. 20Summer 1991
CarpworldZekeNo. 1Summer 1988
CarpworldThe Pleasures of Carp FishingNo. 3Winter 1989/1990
CarpworldMemoriesNo. 5Summer 1989
CarpworldAmerican Pay LakesNo. 6September/October 1989
CarpworldMisplaced MoralsNo. 7Winter 1989
CarpworldWork PartyNo. 8March/April 1990
CarpworldBirch MagicNo. 10August/September 1990
CarpworldReport From AmericaNo. 12December 1990/ January 1991
CarpworldRemember the Good Old Days?No. 13February/ March 1991
CarpworldBaits are ImportantNo. 15July 1991
CarpworldBivvy Bound ThoughtsNo. 16Aug/Sep 1991
CarpworldAbsent FriendsNo. 17October 1991
CarpworldCarping in Australia and ThailandNo. 21March 1992
CarpworldWriters and WritingNo. 24
CarpworldWriters and WritingNo. 25
CarpworldWriters and WritingNo. 26
CarpworldRed River CarpingNo. 27
CarpworldWriters and WritingNo. 28
CarpworldWriters and WritingNo. 29
CarpworldMillennium MemoriesJan 2000
Specialist AnglerPages From My DiaryNo. 17
Specialist AnglerSome Thoughts and TipsNo. 28
Big Fish WorldBig TenchNo. 1Summer 1990
Big Fish WorldCarp Can Hack ItNo. 2Autumn 1990
Big Fish WorldLetters from Down UnderNo. 3Winter 1990/91
Big Fish WorldAn Interview with Fred J TaylorNo. 4Jun/Jul-1991
Big Fish WorldAngling CharactersNo. 5Sep/Oct-1991
Big Fish WorldThe Royal SturgeonNo. 6Nov/Dec 1991
Big Fish WorldKen Taylor RememberedNo. 6Nov/Dec-1991
Lure AnglerAt Home with Fred J TaylorIssue 54Summer 2007
New Fisherman's HandbookSpecimen Hunting - PerchPart 47
WaterlogA Royal FishIssue 6
WaterlogThe Bump in the NightIssue 12
WaterlogFred J Taylor (Obituary)Issue 64Summer 2008
Barbel FisherInterview with Fred J TaylorIssue 12Autumn 2001
Barbel FisherWeights and BaitsIssue 23Spring 2007
Barbel FisherCollecting With Fred J TaylorIssue 26Autumn 2008
BB Society JournalFred J Taylor MBEIssue 8
Coarse Angling TodayEnd of a Golden EraOctober 2004
Coarse Angling TodayGreat Days (Len Arbery about FJT)October 2008
Classic AnglingAn Early LessonIssue 35
Classic AnglingCatching Cats on a Centre PinIssue 36
Classic AnglingBanging a Gong for a DrumIssue 37
Classic AnglingIce Fishing for My Trophy PikeIssue 38
Classic AnglingCarrie's Death and Life's 'What Ifs'Issue 39
Classic AnglingHunt for an 'Extinct' FishIssue 40
Classic AnglingCatching in a DesertIssue 41
Classic AnglingMemories of Great JulysIssue 42
Classic AnglingThe Art of Being LuckyIssue 43
Classic AnglingSalmon? Give Me a Laker Any DayIssue 44
Classic AnglingElitism & the Fly-Fishers CodeIssue 45
Classic AnglingRed Letter DaysIssue 46
Classic AnglingToo Much of a Good ThingIssue 47
Classic AnglingMy Best FriendIssue 48
Classic AnglingA Tribute to My AntiquesIssue 49
Classic AnglingHow Mr. Salmon and I Became PalsIssue 50
Classic AnglingGetting Back to NatureIssue 51
Classic AnglingLessons in the RushesIssue 52
Classic AnglingMatch Tactics on a Perth JettyIssue 53
Classic AnglingFred J Taylor. One of the Greatest Anglers