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To help our customers in their search for titles by some of the favourite and most collectible authors, we have collated several bibliographies. Please click on any author below to see full details. If you are aware of any items that should be added to any of these lists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stone, Peter


Title Publisher Date Published
Rod MakingARCO1961
Bream & BarbelE M Art & Publishing1963
A Guide to Coarse FishingBrockhampton Press1964
Brassen, Barben und HechteHeinz Gunter Jentsch1966
Specimen Fish. How to Catch ThemHerbert Jenkins1969
Illustrated Teach Yourself Coarse FishingBrockhampton Press1969
Come Fishing with MePelham1973
The Art of Coarse Fishing Specimen HuntingCollins Willow1993
Gravel Pit AnglingDavid & Charles1978
Fishing for Big ChubBeekay1983
Old Father ThamesMedlar Press1997
Peter Stone, Gentleman of AnglingBarbel Society2001
Along the WayMedlar Press2002
The Stone Walker LettersMedlar Press2006


Title Author Publisher Date Published Content
The Second Angling Times BookPeter Tombleson & Jack Thorndike (Eds.)E M Art & Publishing1962Written Contribution
The Third Angling Times BookTombleson, Peter & Thorndile, Jack (Eds)E M Art & Publishing1963Written Contribution
The Fourth Angling Times BookTombleson, Peter & Thorndike, Jack (Eds)E M Art & Publishing1965Written Contribution
To Catch a Big FishDavid Carl ForbesNewnes1967Written Contribution
The Fighting BarbelPeter WheatBenn1967Written Contribution
The Angler's YearPeter WheatPelham1970Written Contribution
Angling (Pack)John WebbBPC Publishing1970Biographical
Angler's Mail Annual 1973John Ingham (Ed)IPC Magazines1973Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1974John Ingham (Ed)IPC Magazines1974Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1976John Ingham (Ed)IPC Magazines1976Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1978John Ingham (Ed)IPC Magazines1978Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1979John Ingham (Ed)IPC Magazines1979Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1980John Ingham (Ed)IPC Magazines1980Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1981John Ingham (Ed)IPC Magazines1981Written Contribution
Advanced Coarse FishingGraham MarsdenA & C Black1980Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Guide to Basic CoarseIngham & WestwoodHamlyn1981Written Contribution
The Great AnglersJohn BaileyDavid & Charles1990Biographical
Big Fish from Famous WatersTurnbull, Chris (Ed)David & Charles1990Written Contribution
The Kingswood Book of FishingPawson, Tony (Ed)Kingswood1992Written Contribution
The Complete Book of River FishingLen ArberyDavid and Charles1993Foreword
ChubChub Study GroupBoydell1994Written Contribution
Red Letter DaysPete RogersCrowood1995Written Contribution
Coarse FishingMatt HayesCrowood1995Foreword
Lessons From the FishLen ColcloughSwan Hill1996Written Contribution
I RememberJoe Cowley (Editor)Selwood Printing1998Written Contribution
ChevinChub Study GroupChub Study Group2010Written Contribution
Barbel TalesThe Barbel SocietyThe Barbel Society2013Written Contribution


Title Subject Issue Date Published
Midland AnglerBream - The Thames Mystery FishVol. 13 No. 11Apr-59
Midland AnglerWhy Wait Till Autumn For RoachVol. 14 No. 2Jul-59
Midland AnglerTry Swimming The StreamVol. 15 No. 1Jan-60
Midland AnglerWinter of ContentVol. 15 No. 3Mar-60
Fishing GazetteUse a Float for BreamVol.142 No. 4366Dec 24, 1960
Fishing GazetteOn The Trail of Big Thames BreamVol.143 No.4383Apr 22, 1961
Fishing GazetteFishing Impossible ConditionsVol.144 No. 4425Feb 10, 1962
Angler's WorldFish Do Feed During The DayVol.1 No.1Jun-62
Angler's WorldWait and See Them RollingVol.1 No.2Jul-62
Angler's WorldMatchmen Can Be Specimen HuntersVol.1 No.5Oct-62
Angler's WorldLooking Forward to WinterVol.1 No.6Nov-62
Angler's WorldThe Leger Part 1Vol.1 No.7Dec-62
Angler's WorldThe Leger Part 2Vol.1 No.8Jan-63
Angler's WorldLegeringVol.1 No.9Feb-63
Angler's WorldSo You Want a Big FishVol.2 No.5Oct-63
Angler's WorldSlapton LeyVol.2 No.5Oct-63
Angler's WorldChub in SummerVol.2 No.11Apr-64
Angler's WorldSuccess or FailureVol.3 No.1Jun-64
Angler's WorldThe Thames and Those Size LimitsVol.3 No.5Oct-64
Angler's WorldYou Cannot Have One Rod For Every OccasionVol.3 No.8Jan-65
Angler's WorldGlass Fibre Rods are Here to StayVol.3 No.8Jan-65
Angler's WorldConvincing Those Doubting ThomasesVol.3 N0.10Mar-65
Angler's WorldBack-end BreamVol.3 No.11Apr-65
Angler's WorldNight Fishing on the ThamesVol.4 No.4Sep-65
Angler's WorldBarbel From the LilliesVol.4 No.5Oct-65
Angler's WorldSome Do, Some Don'tVol.4 No.7Dec-65
Angler's WorldMaggots are Not the Best baitVol.4 No.9Feb-66
Angler's WorldNonsense Written About PikeVol.4 No.10Mar-66
Angler's WorldDon't take things as They ComeVol.4 No.11Apr-66
Angler's WorldGet "With It" and "Geared Up"Vol.4 No.12May-66
Angler's WorldSwim Feeders - When to Use ThemVol.5 No.1Jun-66
Angler's WorldNo-one Knows it AllVol.5 No.3Aug-66
Angler's WorldCome Chubbing With......Vol.5 No.4Sep-66
Angler's WorldHow to Keep Warm in Cold WeatherVol.5 No.6Nov-66
Angler's WorldA Weekend After BreamVol.5 No.7Dec-66
Angler's WorldFish Through the IceVol.5 No.10Mar-67
Angler's WorldBankside Disturbance Attracts FishVol.5 No.11Apr-67
Angler's WorldThe Throop Hemp BanVol.5 No.12May-67
Angler's WorldNot Catching Fish?Vol.6 No.1Jun-67
Angler's WorldTradition and ExperienceVol.6 No.2Jul-67
Angler's WorldBarbal; A Challenge Worth AcceptingVol.6 No.3Aug-67
Angler's WorldA Little Fished WaterVol.6 No.4Sep-67
Angler's WorldFrom My Tackle BoxVol.6 No.6Nov-67
Angler's WorldExtracting Fish From Weed BedsVol.6 No.7Dec-67
Angler's WorldThe Question of Bait SizeVol.6 No.9Feb-68
Angler's WorldAccurate CastingVol.6 No.10Mar-68
Angler's WorldTope Fishing of the NeedlesVol.6 No.12May-68
Angler's WorldBream FishingVol.7 No.2Jul-68
Angler's WorldCare and SelectionVol.7 No.3Aug-68
Angler's WorldFish QuestVol.7 No.5Oct-68
Angler's WorldThe Art of LegeringVol.7 No.6Nov-68
FishermanReeling in the RoachVol. 1, No. 2August 1973
FishermanBlenheim PalaceDecember 1973
FishermanSoftly, SoftlyVol. 1, No. 10April 1974
FishermanSwirling Bream Mean BusinessVol. 1, No. 12June 1974
FishermanLoaves and FishesVol. 2, No.1July 1974
FishermanPresentationVol. 2, No. 4October 1974
FishermanAttitude of MindVol. 2, No. 9March 1975
FishermanOf Cabbages, Backwaters and BarbelJune 1975
Coarse FishermanPleasure AnglingNo.1Dec-75
Coarse FishermanTackle TestNo.1Dec-75
Coarse FishermanTackle TestNo.2Jan-76
Coarse FishermanTackle TestFeb-76
Coarse FishermanChub are Easy to Catch, But....Apr-77
Coarse FishermanUnhittable BitesSep-76
Coarse FishermanAnd Then There Was NothingMay-77
Coarse FishermanYoung Angler - Start Tench FishingJul-77
Coarse FishermanChubOct-77
Coarse FishermanProof of the PuddingDec-77
Coarse FishermanCommentFeb-78
Coarse FishermanOne Day PerhapsMar-78
Coarse FishermanGrafham Pike - Another ViewMay-78
Coarse FishermanTelevision & the AnglerJul-78
Coarse FishermanWhite Baits for TenchNov-78
Coarse FishermanGood TimesSep-79
Coarse FishermanFishing Books, Who Reads Them?Oct-79
Coarse FishermanEnjoy Your FishingNov-79
Coarse FishermanInteresting AlterntivesAug-80
Coarse FishermanIt's a Funny Old GameNov-85
Coarse FishermanLooking BackApr-86
Coarse FishermanCarp NobblingNov-86
Coarse FishermanReservoir SpecimensFeb-87
Coarse FishermanA-Roaching I Will GoOct-87
Coarse FishermanMemories; Billy LaneJun-88
Coarse FishermanChubFeb-89
Coarse FishermanOh For Another OunceMar-89
Coarse FishermanPerchApr-89
Coarse FishermanGoing SoftFeb-92
Coarse FishermanRiver ChubJun-92
Coarse FishermanFear & LogicAug-92
Coarse FishermanShort SessionsOct-92
Coarse FishermanStone MeSep-95
Coarse FishermanStone MeOct-95
Coarse FishermanStone MeNov-95
Coarse FishermanStone MeDec-95
Coarse FishermanStone MeJan-96
Coarse FishermanStone MeMar-96
Coarse FishermanStone MeApr-96
Coarse FishermanStone meMay-96
Coarse FishermanStone MeJun-96
Coarse FishermanStone meJul-96
Coarse FishermanStone MeAug-96
Coarse FishermanStone MeSep-96
Coarse FishermanStone meNov-96
Coarse FishermanStone MeJan-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeFeb-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeMar-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeApr-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeMay-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeJun-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeJul-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeAug-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeSep-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeOct-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeNov-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeDec-97
Coarse FishermanStone MeJan-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeFeb-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeMar-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeApr-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeMay-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeJun-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeJul-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeAug-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeSep-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeOct-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeNov-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeDec-98
Coarse FishermanStone MeJan-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeFeb-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeMar-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeApr-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeMay-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeJun-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeJul-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeAug-99
Coarse FishermanDexter's DaySep-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeOct-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeNov-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeDec-99
Coarse FishermanStone MeJan-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeFeb-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeMar-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeApr-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeMay-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeJun-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeJul-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeAug-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeSep-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeOct-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeNov-2000
Coarse FishermanStone MeFeb-01
AnglingThe Sliding Link in Leger FishingNov-61
AnglingBig Bags or Big Fish?Feb-62
Angling Choice of Hooks and LinesJul-62
AnglingBarbel by Sight and SoundNov-62
AnglingPike ProblemsMar-64
AnglingBaits, Still or Moving?May-64
AnglingChub, Roach....and a CameraJun-64
AnglingConsistent CatchesSep-64
AnglingChub in Their Winter HauntsNov-64
AnglingDead Baits for Coarse FishFeb-65
AnglingMaking an AnglerMar-65
AnglingJune Fish in the WeirpoolsJun-65
AnglingTo Move or not to MoveSep-65
AnglingBig Bags in Quick TimeNov-65
AnglingA Day With Some Gravel-Pit RuddDec-65
AnglingPike Tactics on Blenheim LakeJan-66
AnglingWhere the Barbel FeedApr-66
AnglingThe Lure of Small StreamsMay-66
AnglingThe Barbel's "Magic Hour"Aug-66
AnglingBaits for Big BarbelSep-66
AnglingA Five Pound ChubDec-66
AnglingChub in Melting FrostFeb-67
AnglingAvoinding those "Tin Plates"Apr-67
AnglingMy Gear for Big FishJul-67
AnglingLeger RodsAug-67
AnglingTackling Those Awkward SwimsSep-67
AnglingChub Bites on the LegerFeb-68
AnglingTactics for Difficult ChubDec-68
AnglingRoach and ResistanceMar-69
AnglingOn Throop TodayDec-69
AnglingThem Lovely NightsDec-70
AnglingThe Pill-BoxMar-71
AnglingTorchlight TacticsJun-71
AnglingOff-Beat Tactics That WorkAug-71
AnglingLocating and Catching Winter BreamOct-71
AnglingSnow-Fall FishingNov-71
AnglingPrivacy on Public FisheriesFeb-72
AnglingThe Group MeetingApr-72
AnglingLegering MisconceptionsMay-72
AnglingWhen It's Gossamer Gear TimeAug-72
AnglingThe Float-MakerNov-72
AnglingThe Movement of BarbelDec-72
AnglingWarm Wind of Change on the ThamesFeb-73
AnglingBig Barbel - The ProblemsMar-73
AnglingGive the Roach a PastingJun-73
AnglingCoarse Fishing Reels I RecommendJul-73
Angling'Minners' and WinnersAug-73
AnglingMusing on BreamSep-73
AnglingPike: Deadbait DodgesNov-73
AnglingMy Dream BreamJan-74
AnglingRecords That Could GoMay-74
AnglingGravel-Pit TenchJun-74
AnglingTrotting the Far BankJul-74
AnglingA Matter of ResistanceOct-74
AnglingThe Masochist's MonthsDec-74
AnglingTench Tactics in PitsJun-75
AnglingLittle Baits, Hittable BitesSep-75
AnglingRoach Rewards Without FinessOct-75
AnglingHunting Lunker Tench on Hard BottomsJun-76
AnglingMusing on ChubJul-76
AnglingEstimates FreeFeb-77
AnglingBig Bream in SeptemberSep-77
AnglingHemp, Casters and ChubOct-77
AnglingPeaty StonesNov-77
AnglingBream FactsDec-77
AnglingLast Year's TroutingJan-78
AnglingBarbel BehaviourFeb-78
AnglingForgotten BaitJun-78
AnglingGravel Pit ChubJul-78
AnglingTench on the TopAug-78
AnglingFishing Famous Rivers - 6Sep-68
AnglingStrange EncountersOct-78
AnglingWeirpool TacticsNov-78
AnglingFinal DaysMar-79
AnglingChristmas TroutingDec-79
AnglingFavourite SwimsJan-80
AnglingFish From the WeedJun-80
AnglingRecords at RiskSep-80
AnglingThe Rate of RetrieveNov-80
AnglingBig Chub in DeclineDec-80
AnglingA Record at RiskMar-81
AnglingBird TroubleApr-81
Angling TelegraphPlan your fishing, but allow for the quirks of fortune.February 1965
Angling TelegraphAlone in the dark, and 'something' was out thereMay 1965
Angling TelegraphFollowing the long, green trail that leads to successful fishingJune 1965
Angling TelegraphJust give me a good fish for ChristmasDecember 1965
Angling TelegraphPicking up fish here and there - this is the kind of fishing I loveJanuary 1966
Angling TelegraphWinter bonus on a backwaterFebruary 1966
Angling TelegraphThing big - and be determined whatever the day may bringMarch 1966
Angling TelegraphShow the fish who's boss and be quick about itApril 1966
Angling TelegraphIf I never used anything but bread and worms all season I would still be happyMay 1966
Angling TelegraphA walk down the streamJune 1966
Angling TelegraphSome methods that will pay off in most circumstances and will give the novice confidenceJuly 1966
Angling TelegraphBream on a 'blank' daySeptember 1966
Angling TelegraphThe day I got tired of catching breamDecember 1966
Angling TelegraphConfidence, the hidden factor that makes all the differenceMarch 1967
Angling TelegraphUntil the next timeApril 1967
Angling TelegraphTake it from me - fish are never 'tame'November 1967
Angling TelegraphTaking the line of least resistanceDecember 1967
Anglers' AnnualAngling After Dark1973
FishingTactics for the Wierpools1
FishingCatch a Bream on Livebait4
FishingStrange Baits8
FishingSnap Tackle for Bream13
FishingBait Additives - and Why They Sometimes Help23
FishingThe Leger Stopper is the Best of Them All25
FishingLegering Without Foulhooking30
FishingThe Fish That Fed on Bleak38
FishingGroundbait. How Much, How Often?40
FishingRod Rests46
FishingPike. It Pays to be Particular49
FishingTackle That Makes All the Difference60
FishingBream. Fish That Feed in Layers64
FishingFive Ways With a Leger Rod67
FishingThe Thames. A River in Danger77
FishingLittle Things, but so Important78
FishingWhy Barbel Bites Vary so Much82
FishingAway From the Rivers and Out to Sea85
FishingWhen the Ice Comes91
FishingBaits for Those Record Breakers94
FishingThe Bream Have Beaten Me103
FishingWhen the Feeding Lasts but Minutes115
FishingWorried About Rod Whipping118
FishingTench, and the Days that are Different119
FishingJust a Finger on the Line121
FishingThe Little Things That Set the Expert Apart122
FishingWhen Inches Make All the Difference134
FishingThe Fish No-one Could Hold149Mar-66
FishingIt's Not Always the Best Bait that Takes Their Eye154
FishingTimes When You Can't Hold the Bream157Nov-66
FishingScorned Fish of the Annan173
FishingRoach on the Quiver-Tip188Jun-69
FishingThe Case for Longer Pike Rods192
FishingThe Problems With Stillwater Chub194
The Art of FishingLet's Hear It For The LobwormPart 70
The Art of FishingPeter Stone on the River CherwellPart 88
The Art of FishingBoating at BlenheimPart 97
The Art of FishingDeadbaiting for ChubPart 111
Game Keeper & CountrymanLife Ain't So Bad...Apr-76
Fisherman's WeeklyFeeder LinksVol.1 No.4April 5, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyTeamwork; The Key to Big BreamVol.1 No.5April 12, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyThe End of the RainbowVol.1 No.8May 3, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyChary ChubVol. 1 No.13June 7, 1979
Big FishThe Big Chub ChallengeWinter 1985
Big FishThames BarbelVol.2, No.1Spring 1986
Big FishMy Avon MemoriesVol.2, No.4Winter 1986
Big FishMargin of ErrorVol.3, No.2Summer 1987
Big FishBritain's BiggestVol.3, No.4March 1988
Coarse AnglerDeadbait ChubVol.5, No.12May-82
Coarse AnglerWhat Chance a 10lb Chub?Vol.6 No.3Aug-82
Coarse AnglerWhat Happens Before They Get Stuffed?Vol.6, No.12May-83
Coarse AnglerMethods for Early SeasonVol.7, No.1Jun-83
Coarse AnglerAs Keen as EverVol.7, No.11Apr-84
Coarse AnglerBig ChubVol.8, No.7Dec-84
Coarse AnglerBig Bream on a FloatVol.8 No.12May-85
Coarse AnglerTribute to Dick WalkerVol.9 No.5Nov-85
Coarse AnglerFishing in GermanyVol.10, No.10Mar-87
Coarse AnglerBream on the FloatVol.12, No.4Sep-88
Coarse AnglerBaffling BarbelVol.13, No.1Jun-89
Coarse AnglerHeady Days on the ThamesVol.15, No.7Dec-91/Jan-92
Specialist AnglerDeadbaits and Big ChubNo. 3
Specialist AnglerFishing - For MeNo. 16
Specialist AnglerSilver Paper MagicNo. 18
Specialist AnglerHappy Times and Lovely PeopleNo. 21
Specialist AnglerInspirationNo. 27
Coarse Fishing MonthlySpotlight on Blenheim LakesAug 81
Coarse Fishing MonthlyFishing The SliderSep 81
Coarse Fishing MonthlyFishing in RussiaDec 81
Coarse Fishing MonthlyHotspotsFeb 82
Coarse Fishing MonthlyInny Great!Jul 82
Coarse Fishing MonthlyThree Big ChubSep 82
Coarse Fishing MonthlyFish on FishApr 83
Coarse Fishing MonthlyBig Bream EnigmaJun 83
David Hall's Coarse FishingFloating an IdeaSep-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Reluctant AnglerOct-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Life and Times of an AnglerDec-86
WaterlogPike in NarniaIssue 1
WaterlogA Royal Bird, the SwanIssue 3
WaterlogTitans of the ThamesIssue 6
WaterlogThe Great Debate (The Close Season)Issue 16
WaterlogThe Peter Stone Edition (Tribute)Issue 26
Barbel FisherLetter from the PresidentIssue 11996
Barbel FisherBarbel Thoughts, Past and PresentIssue 2Autumn 1996
Barbel FisherStone Fills a HoleIssue 3Spring 1997
Barbel FisherStone's Eye ViewIssue 4Autumn 1997
Barbel FisherThis, That & The OtherIssue 5Spring 1999
Barbel FisherBoys Own FunIssue 7
Barbel FisherThe Peter Stone Memorial PlaqueIssue 16
Barbel FisherBaits For Big BarbelIssue 25Spring 2008