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To help our customers in their search for titles by some of the favourite and most collectible authors, we have collated several bibliographies. Please click on any author below to see full details. If you are aware of any items that should be added to any of these lists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rickards, Prof. Barrie


Title Publisher Date Published
A Revision of Wiman's Dendroid and Tuboid GraptolitesPalaeotological Institution of the University of Uppsala1966
Isolated Silurian graptolites from the Bollerup and Klubbudden Stages of Dalarna, Sweden1970
The Llandovery (Silurian) Graptolites of the Howgill Fells, Northern EnglandPalaeontographical Society1970
Fishing for Big PikeA & C Black1971
PerchWolfe Publishing1974
Fishing for Big TenchRod and Gun1976
Plugs and Plug FishingA & C Black1976
Fishing for Big Pike (Revised and Enlarged)A & C Black1976
Spinners, Spoons and Wobbled BaitsA & C Black1977
ZanderA & C Black1979
Fishing Tackle: Making, Maintenance and ImprovementA & C Black1981
A Fishery of Your Own: Its Management and FishingA & C Black1984
Angling: Fundamental PrinciplesBoydell & Brewer1986
Big PikeA & C Black1986
Palaeoecology and Biostratigraphy of Graptolites (Geological Society Special Publication)Geological Society Publishing House1980
Fishing for Big Tench (Revised & Enlarged)Camden Pull.1986
A Technical Manual of Pike FishingA & C Black1986
Palaeoecology and Biostratography of Graptolites: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of the Graptolite Working Group of the International Palaeontological Association Held at Cambridge University, 1-15 September 1981Blackwell1986
Graptolites, Writing in the Rocks, Fossils IllustratedBoydell1991
A Textbook of Spinning (Omnibus Edition of Plugs & Plug Fishing + Spinners, Spoons & Wobbled Baits) Reprinted 1989 & 1990Boydell & Brewer1987
Best of PikelinesBoydell & Brewer1988
PikeBoydell & Brewer1989
Zander (2nd Edition Revised)Boydell & Brewer1990
Spinning & Plug Fishing (Updated Paperback Ed)Boydell & Brewer1991
The Ten Greatest Pike AnglersBoydell & Brewer1991
Zander (Paperback 2nd Edition revised)Boydell & Brewer1990
Encyclopaedia of FishingHamlyn1991
Success with PikeDavid & Charles1992
Freshwater FishingTransedition1995
Fishers on the Green RoadsMedlar Press2002
The Great Modern Pike AnglersCrowood2006
Richard Walker: Biography of an Angling LegendMedlar Press2007
Nile Perch: The Ultimate Angler's LegendCrowood2008
Modern Lure FishingCrowood2008
Fishing for Big Pike RevisitedMedlar Press2010
Zander - How to Catch ThemMedlar Press2011
Recollections IIRiver Reads Press for Angling Heritage2012


Title Author Publisher Date Published Content
The Angler's YearWheat, PeterPelham1970Written Contribution
The Angler's Year No.2Wheat, PeterPelham1971Written Contribution
The Big Fish SceneGuttfield, Frank (Ed)Benn1978Written Contribution
The Shell Book of AnglingWalker, Richard and Moncrieff, Leslie (Eds)David and Charles1979Written Contribution
Ken Whitehead's Pike FishingKen WhiteheadDavid and Charles1987Foreword
The Great AnglersBailey, JohnDavid & Charles1990Biographical
The Book of the PerchThe PerchfishersOxford Illustrated Press1990Written Contribution
Pike WatersBill WinshipBoydell1990Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Encyclopedia of FishingWestwood, Roy (Ed)Hamlyn1991Written Contribution
Tales From a Pike Angler's DiaryMalcolm BannisterSandholme Publishing1993Foreword
The Art of Coarse Fishing; Specimen HuntingCollins Willow1993Written Contribution
Red Letter DaysRoger, Peter (Ed)Crowood1994Written Contribution
ChubChub Study GroupBoydell1994Written Contribution
I RememberCowley, Joe (Ed)Summersdale1995Written Contribution
Fenland ZanderYounger, SteveTahjo Publishing1996Written Contribution
Pike Fishing in the UK and IrelandRogowski, Dr. SteveCrowood2006Foreword
Big PikeChurch, Bob (Ed)Crowood2006Written Contribution
Pike and Freshwater Predator Fishing in the British IslesRogowski, Dr. SteveQuiller2008Foreword


Title Subject Issue Date Published
Angler's WorldIndividualism in FishVol.1 No.8Jan-63
Angler's WorldSturgeonMay-64
Angler's WorldFacts and Figures on LitterVol.3 No.2Jul-64
Angler's WorldTrout Stream RuddVol.3 No.4Sep-64
Angler's WorldTackle Tips No.1; Weed Cutter and DragVol.4 No.6Nov-65
Angler's WorldTackle Tips No.2; Snap Tackle and Trace HolderVol.4 No.7Dec-65
Angler's WorldTackle Tips; Robust Landing NetVol.4 No.8Jan-66
Angler's WorldTackle TipsVol.4 No.9Feb-66
Angler's WorldLivebait Legering for PikeVol.6 No.5Oct-67
Angler's WorldThe Smell of HerringsVol.6 No.8Jan-68
Angler's WorldPike TrollingVol.7 No.4Sep-68
Angler's WorldIrish FishingVol.7 No.5Oct-68
FishingFreshwater Fish that Thrive in Salt WaterNo. 34October 11th, 1963
FishingThe Puzzle of the Two-Tone breamNo. 77August 7th, 1964
FishingAn Eel in Every CraterNo. 124July 2nd 1965
FishingJust Try That Bream for BreakfastNo. 127July 23rd, 1965
FishingPike That Weight Too MuchNo. 157Nov-66
FishingSimple Graphs that Can Show so MuchNo. 170Dec-67
FishingThe Year of the ZanderNo. 190Aug-69
AnglingSpotlight on PikeOct-71
AnglingOn Handling and Unhooking PikeNov-71
AnglingModern TenchingJul-79
David Hall's Coarse FishingThinking AnglerJan-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Thinking AnglerFeb-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Thinking AnglerMar-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Thinking AnglerApr-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Thinking AnglerMay-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Thinking AnglerAug-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Thinking AnglerSep-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingFish and IOct-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingFish and INov-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingFish and IDec-86
David Hall's Coarse FishingThe Wires are HummingMay-87
FishermanRebirth of a Fishery 1September 1973
FishermanRebirth of a Fishery 2October 1973
FishermanRebirth of a Fishery 3November 1973
FishermanFisherman GeologistDecember 1973
FishermanAn Irish AnglathonJanuary 1974
FishermanAnglathon IIMarch 1974
FishermanDo Nothing DiplomacyJune 1974
FishermanThrowing a WobblyJuly 1974
Coarse FishermanBarrie Rickards (An Interview)Dec-77
Coarse FishermanAngler's BirdsFeb-78
Coarse FishermanGrowing Old DisgracefullyJan-82
Coarse FishermanAngling MagazinesNov-84
Coarse FishermanAngling PoliticsMay-85
Coarse FishermanDo Fish Feel Pain?Oct-85
Coarse FishermanNew Lures for OldJan-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresApr-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresMay-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresJun-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresJul-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresAug-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresSep-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresOct-86
Coarse FishermanZander on LuresNov-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on Lures - PluggingDec-86
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresJan-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresFeb-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresMar-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresApr-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresMay-87
Coarse FishermanHow the Fens BeganJul-87
Coarse FishermanHow the Fens BeganVol.12 No.8Aug-87
Coarse FishermanLuresVol.12 No.8Aug-87
Coarse FishermanHow The Fens BeganSep-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresSep-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresOct-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresNov-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresDec-87
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresJan-88
Coarse FishermanBlighted FenlandFeb-88
Coarse FishermanLuresFeb-88
Coarse FishermanLuresMar-88
Coarse FishermanFensMar-88
Coarse FishermanLuresApr-88
Coarse FishermanArtificialsMay-88
Coarse FishermanLuresAug-88
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresDec-88
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresJan-89
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresFeb-89
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresMar-89
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresApr-89
Coarse FishermanRickards on Lures - WeedJul-89
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresSep-89
Coarse FishermanRickards on LuresOct-89
Coarse FishermanMy LuresJan-90
Coarse FishermanKOKO'sFeb-90
Angler's Mail AnnualPike Fishing Fundamentals1978
Angler's Mail AnnualKeeping an Eye on Tench1980
Fisherman's WeeklyQuick Reference ChartVol. 1 No. 25Aug 30, 1979
The Art of FishingSpinners and SpoonsPart 18
The Art of FishingSpinning for Pike- The Lure of SuccessPart 26
The Art of FishingHooks and Traces for PikePart 35
The Art of FishingOddball Pike LuresPart 63
Coarse FishingDoggedJanuary 1993
Coarse Fishing MonthlySummer PluggingJun 81
The Complete Angler's GuideRickards on Pike and PikingVol.3 Iss.4Winter 1989/90
The Complete Angler's GuideHandling PikeVol.4 Iss.1Spring 1990
New Fisherman's HandbookHow to Fish - Pike FishingPart 37
Coarse Angling TodayBarrie Rickards ObituaryDec 09
Pike & PredatorThe AmazonIssue 12Aug/Sep-98
Pike & Predator..... Swindler's ListIssue 16Mar-99
Pike & PredatorBalancing the Bait EquationIssue 18May-99
Carp FisherCommentNo. 14Summer 1988
Big Fish - Winter Special 1984Snap1984
Big FishFameJune 1985
Big FishInstant Strike MythologyVol.2, No.4Winter 1986
Coarse AnglerBookshelfVol.3, No.5Oct-79
Coarse AnglerProtect EelsVol.12, No.7Dec-88/Jan-89
Coarse AnglerAngling's HeritageVol.12, No.8Feb-89
Coarse AnglerFoggy Foggy DewVol.13, No.9Mar-90
Coarse AnglerStory Behind the BookVol.14, No.3Aug-90
Coarse AnglerLures v BaitsVol.14, No.4Sep-90
Coarse AnglerOf Lessons LearnedVol.14, No.5Oct-90
Coarse AnglerJackpot in the GaleVol.14, No.6Nov.90
Coarse AnglerForty Shades of GreenVol.14, No.6Dec-90/Jan-91
Coarse AnglerA Little Bit of WireVol.14, No.8Feb-91
Coarse AnglerLure Fishing in the Year 2000Vol.14, No.10Apr-91
Coarse AnglerThe Pike and its PreyVol.15, No.1Jun-91
Coarse AnglerLures; Tricks of the TradeVol.15, No.2Jul-91
Let's Go Coarse FishingThe Spin DoctorMay-96
Let's Go Coarse FishingThe Spin Doctor IIJul-96
Let's Go Coarse FishingThe Spin Doctor IIIJul-96
Let's Go Coarse FishingThe Spin Doctor IVAug-96
David Hall's Specialist FishermanBrave New WorldJul/Aug 1986
David Hall's Specialist FishingThe Empirical AnglerNov/Dec 1988
David Hall's Specialist FishingAnalysis of a Piking YearJul/Aug 1989
David Hall's Specialist FishingSo You Want to Write?Sep/Oct 1989
Shakespeare - The Fisherman's Tackle 1990Lures1990
Shakespeare - The Fisherman's Tackle 1990Telescopic Telepathy1990
Shakespeare - The Fisherman's Tackle 1990How to Succeed in Piking1990
Shakespeare Tackle CatalogueTackle and Tactics for Pike1991
Shakespeare Tackle CatalogueMemory Making Telescopic Rods1991
Shakespeare Tackle CatalogueKeeping it Simple1993
Shakespeare Tackle CatalogueThe Catch and Release of Pike1993
Lure AnglerEven More Barbed HooksIssue 3Spring 1994
Lure AnglerMy Top TenIssue 4Summer 1994
Lure AnglerAll at SeaIssue 5Autumn 1994
Lure AnglerNile Perch; The Ultimate Lure BuzzIssue 6Winter 1994
Lure AnglerPresident's PieceIssue 7Spring 1995
Lure AnglerA Battle on Your HandsIssue 8Summer 1995
Lure AnglerLures of Yesterday and TomorrowIssue 9Autumn 1995
Lure AnglerPresident's PieceIssue 14Winter 1996
Lure AnglerNile Perch TechnicallyIssue 15Spring 1997
Lure AnglerLuring Around a BitIssue 22Winter 1988
Lure AnglerA Season's ResultsIssue 43Spring 2004
Lure AnglerLure Fishing - Fifty Years AdriftIssue 50Summer 2006
WaterlogThe Biter BitNo. 10
WaterlogThe Great Debate (The Close Season)No. 16
WaterlogSafari to Lake NasserNo. 24
WaterlogRay WebbNo. 30
WaterlogThe Emerald IsleNo. 35
WaterlogBaz and BuggerlugsNo. 36
WaterlogLake Nasser Trilogy Pt. 1Issue 53Autumn 2005
WaterlogLake Nasser Trilogy Pt. 2Issue 54Winter 2005/2006
WaterlogLake Nasser Trilogy Pt. 3Issue 55Spring 2006
WaterlogDick WalkerIssue 60Summer 2007
WaterlogBarrie Rickards ObituaryIssue 70Winter 2009/2010
Classic AnglingWalker, the Man Who Invented Carbon RodsNo. 48Jul-07
Classic AnglingThe Place to go for a 300lb PerchNo. 49Sep-07
Coarse AnglerMemorabilaVol.15, No.4Sep-91
Coarse AnglerWhat's a New BaitVol.15, No.2Jul-91