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To help our customers in their search for titles by some of the favourite and most collectible authors, we have collated several bibliographies. Please click on any author below to see full details. If you are aware of any items that should be added to any of these lists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wheat, Peter


Title Publisher Date Published
Improve Your Coarse AnglingDavies Books1967
Fishing as We Find ItWarne1967
The Fighting BarbelBenn1967
Popular Sea FishingWarne1968
The Pelham Manual of River Coarse FishingPelham1969
The Angler's YearPelham1970
The Angler's Year No.2Pelham1971
Catch More DaceWolfe1975
The Observer's Book of Coarse FishingWarne1976
The Observer's Book of Fly FishingWarne1977
The Observer's Book of Sea FishingWarne1980
Angling Down the YearsLittle Egret Press2004


Title Author Publisher Date Published Content
To Catch a Big FishForbes, David CarlNewnes1967Written Contribution
The Book of the PerchThe PerchfishersOxford Illustrated Press1990Written Contribution
The River PrinceYates, Chris (Ed)Medlar Press1982Written Contribution
Red Letter DaysRogers, Pater (Ed)Crowood1994Written Contribution
Barbel. Bonded by the ChallengeChurch, Bob and Wheat, PeterCrowood2005Written Contribution
BB; A Symposium - A Life in Words.Holden, Brian (Ed)Roseworld2010Written Contribution
Crock of GoldPeter RolfeMPress2010Written Contribution
Barbel TalesThe Barbel SocietyThe Barbel Society2013Foreword
Barbel TalesThe Barbel SocietyThe Barbel Society2013Written Contribution


Title Subject Issue Date Published
Angler's WorldSome Royalty SwimsVol.2 No.10Mar-64
Angler's WorldRoach Fishing on the Hants AvonVol.3 No.3Aug-64
Angler's WorldBarbel of the SouthVol.3 No.4Sep-64
Angler's WorldCatching Those Uncatchable ChubVol.4 No.3Aug-65
Angler's WorldPortrait of an AnglerVol.4 No.5Oct-65
Angler's WorldRoyalty barbel Have ChangedVol.4 No.5Oct-65
Angler's WorldIt Can be Double the Trouble With Two RodsVol.4 No.6Nov-65
Angler's WorldMy Favourite Angling BookVol.4 No.7Dec-65
Angler's WorldFloats You Can Make YourselfVol.4 No.8Jan-66
Angler's WorldRod Rests; Help or HindranceVol.4 No.9Feb-66
Angler's WorldWe Have a Market Glutted With GimmicksVol.4 No.10Mar-66
Angler's WorldPeter Wheat Becomes EditorApr-66
Angler's WorldTry the Trickles for TroutVol.4 No.11Apr-66
Angler's WorldPre Season Spotting With Barbel in MindVol.4 No.12May-66
Angler's WorldTench Magic in the Traditional Month of JuneVol.5 No.1Jun-66
Angler's WorldThe Fight Might Not be Epic, But...Vol.5 No.2Jul-66
Angler's WorldSetting a Standard for EnjoymentVol.5 No.3Aug-66
Angler's WorldA Project to Beat Those Uncatchable BarbelVol.5 No.4Saptember 1966
Angler's WorldWhen Roach are Not so ShyVol.5 No.5Oct-66
Angler's WorldRunners From the SeaVol.5 No.6Nov-66
Angler's WorldBarbel "Off the Rat Diet"Vol.5 No.7Dec-66
Angler's WorldChub - My Favourite Winter FishVol.5 No.8Jan-67
Angler's WorldGive the Pike Angler a Fair DealVol.5 No.9Feb-67
Angler's WorldBreamVol.5 No.10Mar-67
Angler's WorldMissing BitesVol.5 No.11Apr-67
Angler's WorldThe Big TroutVol.5 No.12May-67
Angler's WorldLamprey - The Water VampireVol.6 No.1Jun-67
Angler's WorldShy-Biting Royalty ChubVol.6 No.2Jul-67
Angler's WorldSummer Chub FishingVol.6 No.3Aug-67
Angler's WorldSpecimen HuntingVol.6 No.4Sep-67
Angler's WorldTackle-Up to Hook and Land FishVol.6 No.5Oct-67
Angler's WorldTransitionVol.6 No.6Nov-67
Angler's WorldBig Fish QuestVol.6 No.7Dec-67
Angler's WorldTo Catch a BarbelVol.6 No.8Jan-68
Angler's WorldGreat ExpectationsVol.6 No.9Feb-68
Angler's WorldCare of the CatchVol.6 No.10Mar-68
Angler's WorldTrophy FishVol.6 No.11Apr-68
Angler's WorldClose Season CommentVol.6 No.12May-68
Angler's WorldRiver Pike ProjectVol.7 No.1Jun-68
Angler's WorldFrom Water to LandVol.7 No.2Jul-68
Angler's WorldRod Rest ConsiderationVol.7 No.3Aug-68
Angler's WorldThe Record ChubVol.7 No.4Sep-68
Angler's WorldThe Finest StyleVol.7 No.5Oct-68
Angler's WorldOne Man's FishingVol.7 No.6Nov-68
Angler's WorldHow Did it StartVol.7 No.7Dec-68
AnglingThe Royalty Now- and TomorrowJan-69
AnglingHampshire Avon PikeFeb-69
AnglingMaking the Most of the Backend FortnightMar-69
AnglingTackle for barbelApr-69
AnglingCaring for Coarse FishMay-69
AnglingTraditionally TenchJun-69
AnglingThe Hours of DarknessAug-69
AnglingTench Trip to ToulouseSep-69
AnglingSwale's Fighting BarbelOct-69
AnglingWinter barbelNov-69
AnglingTwo Ways with PikeDec-69
AnglingInto the 70's with the allrounder's approachJan-70
AnglingA New Avon Coarse FisheryFeb-70
AnglingThe Pyjamas of Paradise PoolOct-70
AnglingMore on Middle-Avon BarbelNov-70
AnglingLegered DeadbaitsFeb-71
AnglingWeeds; A Necessary EvilMar-71
AnglingDerbyshire's Wild RainbowsApr-71
AnglingA Character Called TobyMay-71
AnglingHow to Hunt CarpJun-71
AnglingMore About CruciansSep-75
AnglingIt's The Reel ThingJan-76
AnglingAn Appreciation of Centre Pin FishingFeb-76
AnglingThe Angler's TreeAug-76
AnglingAngler's CreelOct-77
AnglingAngler's CreelNov-77
CreelThe Link LegerVol. 3 No. 2Aug-65
CreelBeating the Crowd ProblemVol. 3 No. 5Nov-65
CreelThroop BarbelVol. 3 No. 7Jan-66
CreelOne Man's OpinionVol. 3 No. 10Apr-66
FishingFanaticism or FunNo. 27August 23rd, 1963
FishingUnder an Avon bridgeNo. 28August 30th, 1963
FishingBig Chub Under the BanksNo. 30September 13th, 1963
FishingRod-Rests; And the Bites You'll Never SeeNo. 35October 18th, 1963
FishingThe End of a Long, Lean SpellNo. 37November 1st, 1963
FishingAway From the FloodNo. 39November 15th 1963
FishingA Time for ChangeNo. 41November 29th 1963
FishingFast-Water FloatsNo. 44December 20th, 1963
FishingEarly Season ChubNo. 71June 26th, 1964
FishingAt Dusk on the Slackwater ShallowsNo. 77August 7th, 1964
FishingNeglected Fish of Hampshire's AvonNo. 78August 14th, 1964
FishingThe Versatile Fixed-Spool ReelNo. 83September 18th, 1964
FishingBefore the FrostsNo. 84September 25th, 1964
FishingWhen a Hook Fails to HoldNo. 103February 5th 1965
FishingOne Maggot and a Size Six HookNo. 107March 5th, 1965
FishingBalanced Tackle isn't Always BestNo. 117May 14th, 1965
Fishing'Singling Out' the Roach on the River Ruled by Chub ShoalsNo. 129August 6th, 1965
FishingSimply Add a Knob of SaltNo. 131August 20th, 1965
FishingWhen Watching is the Only WayNo. 133September 3rd, 1965
Angler's Annual 1969Quest for a Record Barbel1969
Coarse AnglerMore on Monster MarbelVol.10, No.6Nov-86
WaterlogWater Under the BridgeNo. 3
WaterlogOf Spirits, Pickling and a Dancing RodNo. 5
WaterlogA Traveller's TaleNo. 6
WaterlogOver The GateNo. 7
WaterlogA Gather of ThreadsNo. 8
WaterlogTommy Gomm's BarbelNo. 10
WaterlogA Shredded Wheat in IrelandNo. 11
WaterlogFish to the Fourth DimensionNo. 13
WaterlogRoads Less TravelledNo. 28
WaterlogCaught ShortNo. 29
WaterlogA Weight of OpinionNo. 31
WaterlogMay-52No. 35
WaterlogIn Search of a RiseNo. 36
Barbel FisherPeter Stone Memorial PlaqueIssue 16