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To help our customers in their search for titles by some of the favourite and most collectible authors, we have collated several bibliographies. Please click on any author below to see full details. If you are aware of any items that should be added to any of these lists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Walker, Richard


Title Publisher Date Published
The Book of the Flemish Giant RabbitIdlec 1947
Rod Building for AmateursBellfield & Bushell1952
Still-Water AnglingMacGibbon & Kee1953
Drop Me a LineMacGibbon & Kee1953
Walker's PitchGeorge, Allen & Unwin1959
How Fish FeedAngling Times1959
Carp FishingAngling Times1960
Kapitale Fische Reiche Beute (Walker's Pitch)Paul Parey1960
No Need to LieE M Art & Publishing1964
Fly Dressing InnovationsErnest Benn1974
Successful AnglingStanley Paul1977
Dick Walker's AnglingDavid & Charles1979
The Shell Book of Angling (Editor)David & Charles1979
Hardy's Guide to Reservoir AnglingHardy Bros1979
Dick Walker's Modern Fly DressingsErnest Benn1980
Catching FishDavid & Charles1981
Pesca Deportiva (Successful Angling in Spanish)Ediciones Ludium1982
Dick Walker's Trout FishingDavid & Charles1982
Dick Walker's Coarse FishingPatrick Stephens Ltd1983
The Best of Dick Walker's Coarse FishingDavid & Charles1988
Dick Walker's Trout Fishing on Rivers and StillwatersSwan Hill Press1997
The Carp Catchers' ClubMedlar Press1998
The Stone Walker LettersMedlar Press2007
Spin Me a LineLittle Egret Press2007
Walker's Pitch IILittle Egret Press2008
Be My GuestPeter Maskell2010
Our Days with Dick (Biographical)Watermeadow Press2010
Fishing with WalkerPeter Maskell2011
The Carp GodfatherPeter Maskell2012


Title Author Publisher Date Published Content
Confessions of a Carp FisherEyre & Spottiswood1950Written Contribution
Coarse Fishing with the ExpertsNorman, JohnGeorge, Allen & Unwin/ Angling Times1957Written Contribution
The Art of AnglingKenneth MansfieldThe Caxton Publishing Co.1957Written Contribution
Angling in EarnestFred J TaylorMacGibbon & Kee1958Foreword
Favourite SwimsFred J TaylorMacGibbon & Kee1961Foreword
The Fisherman's Fireside BookClive GammonHeinemann1961Written Contribution
The Angling Times BookVenables, Bernard & Marshall Hardy, EJames Barrie1955Written Contribution
The Second Angling Times BookTombleson, Peter & Thorndike, Jack (Eds)E M Art & Publishing/ George Allen and Unwin1962Written Contribution
The Third Angling Times BookTombleson, Peter & Thorndike, Jack (Eds)E M Art & Publishing/ George Allen and Unwin1963Written Contribution
The Fourth Angling Times BookTombleson, Peter & Thorndike, Jack (Eds)E M Art & Design1965Written Contribution
Illustrated Teach Yourself Coarse FishingPeter StoneBrockhampton Press1962Artwork
LegeringPeter StoneARCO1963Artwork
A Guide to Coarse FishingPeter StoneBrockhampton Press1964Artwork
Best Fishing StoriesJohn MooreFaber & Faber1965Written Contribution
The Angler's Bedside BookMaurice WigginBatsford1965Written Contribution
A Pretty Kettle Of FishArnold WilesMax Parrish & Co. Ltd.1966Foreword
Hardy's Aid to AnglingHardy BrosHardy Bros1966Written Contribution
The Fighting BarbelPeter WheatBenn1967Written Contribution
To Catch a Big FishDavid Carl ForbesNewnes1967Written Contribution
Angling in Earnest (Enlarged)Fred J TaylorMacGibbon & Kee1967Foreword
Fred Buller's Book of Rigs and TackleFred BullerPaulton House1967Written Contribution
GraylingReg RighyniMacdonald1968Introduction
CarpJim GibbinsonMacdonald1968Introduction
Reservoir and Lake FliesJohn VeniardA & C Black1970Preface
Angling (Pack)John WebbBPC Publishing1970Biographical
PikeFred BullerMacdonald1971Foreword
TenchFred J TaylorMacdonald1971Introduction
SalmonArthur OglesbyMacdonald1971Introduction
Carp, Carp, CarpMohan & StarkeyBCSGWritten Contribution
Modern Trout FliesLawrie, W HMacdonald1972Introduction
The World of Angling 1971-1972Graham, Colin (Ed)Purnell1971Written Contribution
World of Angling 1972-1973Graham, Colin (ed)Purnell1972Written Contribution
World of Angling 1973-1974Graham, Colin (Ed)Purnell1973Written Contribution
Fly-DressingDavid J CollyerDavid & Charles1975Foreword
Fishing With the ExpertsCharles Wade (editor)Souvenir Press1976Written Contribution
Stillwater Trout FisheriesWallis, H F (Ed)Benn1976Written Contribution
The Complete Trout and Salmon FishermanThorndike, J (Ed)David and Charles1978Written Contribution
Floatmaker's ManualWatson, BillBenn1978Foreword
Gravel Pit AnglingPeter StoneDavid & Charles1978Foreword
Fishing for TenchFred J TaylorStanley Paul1979Foreword
Catching Big TroutAlan PearsonStanley Paul1979Preface
Trout and Salmon FishingEaton, R (Ed)David and Charles1981Written Contribution
Stillwater Flies: How and When to Fish ThemJohn GoddardA & C Black1982Written Contribution
The Fourth British Study Carp Study Group BookMohan, Peter & Maddocks, Kevin (Eds)British Carp Study Group1983Written Contribution
The New Compleat AnglerStephen DownesBlack Cat1988Foreword
Dick Walker... A MemoirThe Carp SocietyThe Carp Society1988Biographical
The Great AnglersJohn BaileyDavid & Charles1990Biographical
The Fifth British Carp Study Group BookWelland, Alec (Ed)British Carp Study Group1991Biographical
The Kingswood Book of FishingPawson, Tony (Ed)Kingswood1992Written Contribution
The Best of Trout and SalmonWilshaw, JVirgin1994Written Contribution
ChubChub Study GroupBoydell1994Written Contribution
The River PrinceChris Yates (Editor)Medlar Press1998Written Contribution
The Solitary ViceFred BullerCoch-y-Bonddu2000Biographical
Great Pike StoriesFred BullerMedlar Press2003Written Contribution
Favourite Swims (Enlarged)Fred J TaylorWatermeadow Press2006Foreword
ChevinChub Study GroupChub Study Group2010Written Contribution
Willow PitchVariousLittle Egret Press2010Written Contribution


Title Subject Issue Date Published
The Angling NewsA Novel Way of Fishing for Carp11 Jun 1938
The Angling NewsTackle Maintenance (as Water Rail)23 Aug 1952
The Angling NewsTwo Large Carp13 Sep 1952
The Angling NewsTwo Large Carp II20 Sep 1952
The Angling NewsThe Record Carp4 Oct 1952
The Angling NewsThe Key to Success24 Oct 1952
The Angling NewsBilly's Big Chub (as Water Rail)20 Dec 1952
The Angling NewsWotton Weekend8 Jul 1955
The Angling NewsTalking of Rods - Mk IV Type15 Jul 1955
The Angling NewsTricky Business9 Sep 1955
The Angling NewsChub Tactics in Minor Waters14 Oct 1955
The Angling NewsMy Stream4 Nov 1955
Fishing GazetteEnd Casting ReelsMarch 15th 1952
Fishing GazetteHatching NymphMay 31st 1952
Fishing GazetteTactics of the Minor ChalkstreamNovember 8th 1952
Fishing GazetteFlood Water FishingVol.142, No.4366Dec 24, 1960
Fishing GazetteFish Shapes and SpeedVol.143, No.4378Mar 18,1961
Fishing GazetteFish Speeds (Letter)Vol.143, No.4379Mar 25, 1960
Fishing GazetteAre Fish Gut Shy?Vol.143, No.4380Apr 1, 1961
Fishing GazetteUse Some Ingenuity; Scottish Flies (Letters) + Book Review Vol.144, No.4424Feb 3, 1962
The AnglerStalking CarpVol.4 No.4April 1952
Eagle (Comic)I Go Fishing With Dick Walker18-Dec-53
Midland AnglerPaste and BreadcrustOctober 1951
Midland AnglerIt's Dick Walker - Let's Spit in his EyeApril 1955
Midland AnglerYou Can Catch a SpecimenJune 1955
Midland Angler'Come Fish With Me' Says Mr. WalkerJanuary 1956
Midland AnglerArlesey Lake - Home of Monster PerchMay 1956
Midland AnglerFor Bigger Fish - Change Your Tackle and TacticsJuly 1956
Midland AnglerIt's The Wye For WhoppersSeptember 1956
Midland AnglerThe Great OuseOctober 1956
Midland AnglerMaurice Ingham; Ambidextrous, Analytical Carp SpecialistDecember 1956
Midland AnglerPat Russell - The Pupil Who Beats the TeachersMarch 1957
Midland AnglerWhen High Hopes Fall, Don't DespairAugaust 1957
Midland AnglerMy 90lb of Roach - The Full StorySeptember 1957
Midland AnglerHeavy Water ProblemsDecember 1957
Midland AnglerThe 'Big Fish Boys', What Makes Them Tick?March 1958
Midland AnglerMy Way With a Fixed SpoolApril 1958
Midland AnglerCameras, Carp and ConfidenceJuly 1958
Midland AnglerStick To Chub For That Final FlingMarch 1959
Midland AnglerTry The Ouse - It's Great!Vol. 19 No.31December 1963
The Angling NewsThe Design of Carp Hooks27 May 1955
AnglingThe Maiden's Tale (as Courtney Moore)Vol.2 No.6Jan-Mar, 1938
AnglingEmp! (as Courtney Moore)Vol.3 No.12Jul-Sep, 1939
AnglingI Hae Ma Doots (as Courtney Moore)Vol.12 No.61Dec, 1949
AnglingA Carp ProblemIssue 99Feb-53
AnglingA Great Year for CarpIssue 102May-53
AnglingCatching Large RoachIssue 108Nov-53
AnglingLarge Roach in Small WatersIssue 111Feb-54
AnglingFinding Big FishIssue 113Apr-54
AnglingSurface-Fishing for Dace (as Water Rail)Issue 113Apr-54
AnglingAngling with a CameraIssue 115Jun-54
AnglingMust We Net Our FishSep-62
AnglingSpecimen Hunting Is WorthwhileMay-63
AnglingRoach on the TweedSep-63
AnglingYou Can Catch Big FishNov-63
AnglingBitten by the Barbel BugMar-64
AnglingSee My Etchings!!Jun-64
AnglingCrust in the RapidsJul-64
AnglingMore Barbel ProblemsSep-64
AnglingRoach of the Smaller StreamsMay-65
AnglingWeighting Yourself Out of the GameOct-65
AnglingTest Curves - How to find ThemNov-65
AnglingPutting on WeightDec-66
AnglingShooting HeadsApr-67
AnglingBrowns on the Static FlySep-68
AnglingIn Praise of Shooting HeadsOct-68
AnglingRoach in WinterDec-68
AnglingModern Rod DesignJan-69
AnglingSummer ChubJun-69
AnglingVarious TopicsMar-70
Angling'Minor Tactics' of the ReservoirApr-70
AnglingAbout BreamJul-70
AnglingLay it on the LineSep-70
AnglingRemembering the Real RoachingOct-70
AnglingFightin' TalkNov-70
AnglingFishing in FloodwaterDec-70
AnglingFloats and AestheticismJan-71
AnglingTime for Roach and ChubFeb-71
AnglingHow My Philosophy Differs With Tom IvensMar-71
AnglingReservoir Trouting; Early Season TipsApr-71
AnglingThe Costly Cock RainbowMay-71
AnglingHow to Score With a SedgeJul-71
AnglingA Worthwhile ExpeimentOct-71
AnglingAngling TerminologyNov-71
AnglingControversy SpotDec-71
AnglingAbout GraylingJan-72
AnglingHow to Get KnottedNov-72
AnglingFishing Flooded RiversFeb-73
AnglingWhat Real Fly Fishing is All AboutMar-73
Angling'Sooper Dooper Pooper'Jun-73
AnglingAngling Coaches who 'Know Next to Nothing'Sep-73
AnglingThe Place of the Rainbow in the UKOct-73
AnglingMatters Piscatorial are Seldom SuccinctMay-74
AnglingAspects of DeceptionMar-75
AnglingGetting Down to ThemJun-75
AnglingThoughts About GraylingSep-75
AnglingYou Can't Betalight for Night Float FishingOct-75
AnglingModern Rod Design and Carbon FibreFeb-76
AnglingTaking StockJul-76
AnglingThe PuristFeb-77
AnglingWalker's WorldSeptember 1977 - May 1981
Angler's WorldCatfish are the Ouse MonstersVol.3 No.3Aug-64
Angler's WorldBarbel From the Stour can Beat the RecordVol.3 No.10Mar-65
Angler's WorldVariety is the SpiceVol.3 No.11Apr-65
Angler's WorldA Batsman May Score 40 RunsVol.5 No.5Oct-66
Angler's WorldGrafham Trout FishingVol.5 No.8Jan-67
Angler's WorldModern Fly ReelsVol.5 No.10Mar-67
Angler's WorldTackle and Tactics at GrafhamVol.5 No.12May-67
Angler's WorldBig PerchVol.6 No.8Jan-68
Angler's WorldWalker's AngleVol.6 No.9 to EndFeb 68 - Dec 68 (End)
CreelMy Friend FredVol. 2 No.10Apr-65
CreelBack on the Hard StuffVol. 3 No.1Jul-65
CreelMini NymphsVol. 4 No.4Oct-66
CreelTwo Views of GrafhamVol. 4 No.7Jan-67
CreelThis Month in CreelVol. 4 No.8Feb-67
CreelThis Month in CreelVol. 4 No.9Mar-67
CreelThis Month in CreelVol. 4 No.10Apr-67
Angler's Annual 1969Taking Tendancy1969
Angler's Annual 1970Reservoir Trout Test the Best1970
Angler's Annual 1971Imitation or Presentation1971
Angling TimesWalker's Pitch1953 - ?
Angling Times Comemorative Edition (21 Years)Here's to 1995July 10/11 1974
Angling TimesEnd Of An Era (Walker Obituary)August 14th 1985
FishingRoach; Why I Choose Them Above All Other FishIssue 1
FishingFixed-Spool Reel Design: Gears and BearingsIssue 4
FishingFixed-Spool Reel Design: More About Gears and Gear RatiosIssue 5
FishingFixed-Spool Reel Design: The Spool and the Pick-UpIssue 6
FishingThe Odds are Long IndeedIssue 9
FishingFixed-Spools and Centre-PinsIssue 10
FishingThe Facts About Carp BaitIssue 12
FishingFly-Fishing Facts and FanciesIssue 14
FishingUp, Down and AcrossIssue 15
FishingCentre-Pin PerfectionIssue 18
FishingA Little Piece of WireIssue 19
FishingWhy Can't We Buy a Good Roach RodIssue 22
FishingFish That Leap - A Simple Answer?Issue 23
FishingThese are Bites You'll Never HitIssue 27
FishingYou Have to Look Out for ThemIssue 29
FishingBetter Be Hung for a SheepIssue 31
FishingCarp, Tench and NewtsIssue 32
FishingWhat Fish is This?Issue 33
FishingCatfish or Barbel, What are These Ouse Monsters?Issue 34
FishingBig Fish, and This Game of Weight GuessingIssue 35
FishingIs it Too Late to Save ThemIssue 53
FishingMore About Good HooksIssue 54
FishingThe Best of the FloatsIssue 62
FishingThe Angler and his CameraIssue 65
FishingThe Angler and his Camera; Choice of SubjectIssue 66
FishingThat Reservoir Perch; Not so Old as it SeemedIssue 75
FishingThe Truth About Arlesey's PerchIssue 81
FishingKiller Parasites of the AvonIssue 92
FishingRecord Barbel in Our SwimIssue 96
FishingBuckden's Breamers (As L O Mycock)Issue 102
FishingBubbles? No Need to ExperimentIssue 108
FishingOf Course Fish are IntelligentIssue 111
FishingLet Anglers Determine Angling EthicsIssue 112
FishingTying the Pheasant TailIssue 114
FishingA Camera in Your BasketIssue 119
FishingOur Part in ResearchIssue 128
FishingGetting the Best from 35mmIssue 131
FishingThe Avon, What Now?Issue 132
FishingAvon Barbel; A TheoryIssue 135
FishingWhen do Barbel Bite Best?Issue 137
FishingWhich Kind, How Much, How OftenIssue 142
FishingThose Runs, Pulls and TwitchesIssue 144
FishingBig Bream: They're Not Different, Just Hard To FindIssue 149Mar-66
FishingHow Best can we Start Fish Feeding?Issue 152
FishingStop a Grafham Trout? I'd Be a Fool to TryIssue 162Apr-67
FishingThe Facts About the Static FlyIssue 187
FishingWalker Says..Issues 177, and 183-194 incl.
The Art of FishingThe Greatest of Them AllPart 82
Fisherman's HandbookBrook RodsPart 81977
FishermanAvoid the Despondent DroopVol.1, No.2Aug-73
FishermanThe Man Who Came Came to DinnerVol.1, No.6Dec-73
FishermanNow You See ItVol.1, No.9Mar-74
FishermanSuperstition & The Fly-FishermanVol.2, No.6Dec-74
FishermanIts Not What You Read, It's The Way That You Read ItVol.2, No.8Feb-75
FishermanSwing The Lead And Strike!Vol.2, No.10Apr-75
FishermanSuccessful Reservoir Trout-FishingVol.2 No.12Jun-75
FishermanWirelessVol.3, No.1Jul-75
FishermanWhy Do We Fish?Vol.3 No.2Aug-75
Coarse AnglerA Tribute (by Peter Stone)Vol.9, No.5Nov-85
Coarse AnglerA TributeVol.12, No.2Jul-88
Coarse FishermanAn Evening Fishing with Richard WalkerNo.1Dec-75
Coarse FishermanFishing with Richard WalkerNo.2Jan-76
Coarse FishermanProfileFeb-76
Coarse FishermanFishing with Richard WalkerFeb-76
Coarse FishermanOdds and....Let's Say EndsAug-80
Coarse FisharmanNo Need to LieJul-84
Coarse FishermanDick Walker's Fishing Years Pt 1Nov-85
Coarse FishermanDick Walker's Fishing Years Pt 2Dec-85
Coarse FishermanDick Walker's Fishing Years Pt 3Jan-86
Coarse FishermanDick Walker's Fishing Years Pt 4Feb-86
Coarse FishermanDick Walker's Fishing Years Pt 5Mar-86
Coarse FishermanDick Walker's Fishing Years Pt 6Apr-86
Coarse FishermanDick Walker's Fishing Years Pt 7May-86
International FlyfisherBig Dries Make Trout RiseDec 78/Jan 79
Shooting Times & Country MagazineSeen While ShootingJan 13-19 1977
Shooting Times & Country MagazineTeaching CastingFeb 17-23 1977
Shooting Times & Country MagazineLeaded FliesApr 21-27 1977
Shooting Times & Country MagazineMore About Leaded FliesJun 1 1977
Shooting Times & Country MagazinePebble-Choppers And ClubsJan 4-10 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineGo FishingMar 29-Apr 4 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineFacts - Not Fiction!May 24-30 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineHunting InstinctOct 11-17 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineThe Hunting InstinctDec 20-26 1979
Shooting Times & Country MagazineMerits of CarbonJun 4010 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazineIn The AirOct 15-21 1981
Shooting Times & Country MagazineInventions, Frivolous and FearsomeMar 3-9 1983
Trout & SalmonHow Barrie Welham Gets His Big TroutApr-73
Coarse Fishing TodayMasterclass; Twilight ZoneJun/Jul 1993
Coarse Fishing TodayMasterclass; Tackling TenchAug/Sep 1993
Coarse Fishing TodayMasterclass; Bream SchemeOct/Nov 1993
Coarse Fishing TodayMasterclass; Grub for ChubDec 1993/Jan 1994
Coarse Fishing TodayMasterclass; How Barbel FeedFeb/Mar 1994
Coarse Fishing TodayMastercass; Feeding TimeApr/May 1994
Coarse Fishing TodayMasterclass; Sound AdviceJun/Jul 1994
Coarse Fishing TodayMasterclass; Play Safe and Be CarefulAug/Sep 1994
Coarse Fishing TodayMasterclass; Time it RightOct/Nov 1994
WaterlogBubblesIssue 1
WaterlogWalker's First LinesIssue 30
Angling StarThe Father of Freshwater FishingOctober2010
Barbel FisherBitten By The Barbel BugIssue No.21Spring 2006
Classic AnglingRichard Walker on Radio and TVNo. 59May/Jun 2009
Classic AnglingWalker's Desert Island SelectionNo. 60Jul/Aug 2009