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To help our customers in their search for titles by some of the favourite and most collectible authors, we have collated several bibliographies. Please click on any author below to see full details. If you are aware of any items that should be added to any of these lists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Venables, Bernard, MBE


Title Publisher Date Published
Tanks. Their Place in Modern WarfareCountry Life1942
Tackle CatalogueAngling Services Ltdc. 1938
Mr Crabtree Goes FishingDaily Mirror1949
A Fisherman's TestamentA & C Black1949
Guide to Angling Waters (South East England)Daily Mirror1954
The Gentle Art of AnglingReinhardt1955
Milwards CatalogueMilwards1958/9
Fishing with Mr. Crabtree in All WatersDaily Mirror
The Angling Times BookJames Barrie1955
The Angler's CompanionAllen & Unwin1959
Fish and FishingPuffin
Fishing for Pike with Mr. Cherry and JimAngling Times1961
Fishing for Roach with Mr. Cherry and JimAngling Times1961
Fishing for Perch with Mr. Cherry and JimAngling Times1962
Fishing for Trout with Mr. Cherry and JimAngling Times1962
Let's Go Fishing No.1Angling Times1964
Let's Go Fishing No.2Angling Times1964
Freshwater FishingHerbert Jenkins1967
Baleia!Bodley Head1968
Coming Down the ZambeziConstable1974
The Piccolo Fishing BookPan1981
The Illustrated Memoirs of a FishermanMerlin Unwin1993
A Rise to the FlyHale2000
A Stream of LifeMedlar Press2002
A Pleasure of FishesMedlar Press2006


Title Author Publisher Date Published Content
The Golden Gift BookVariousOdhamsUndatedWritten Contribution
Silver; the Life Story of an Atlantic salmonRoderick Haig-BrownA & C Black1946 reprintArtwork
FishingGeorge CliffordOxford University Press1948Artwork
Bream. How to Catch ThemPeter TomblesonHerbert Jenkins1954Artwork
A Fly Fisher's LifeCharles RitzReinhardt1959 (First English)Introduction
The Fisherman's Fireside BookClive GammonHeinemann1961Written Contribution
The Second Angling Times BookPeter Tombleson & Jack Thorndike (Eds.)E M Art & Publishing1962Written Contribution
Best Fishing StoriesJohn MooreFaber & Faber1965Written Contribution
Salmon Taking TimesReg RighyniMacdonald1965Introduction
The Angler's Bedside BookMaurice WigginBatsford1965Written Contribution
Newly From The SeaSidney SpencerH F & G Witherby1969Foreword
Angling (pack)John WebbBPC Publishing1970Biographical
The Angler's Year No.2Peter WheatPelham1971Written Contribution
Fishing with the ExpertsFred J Taylor, Hugh Stoker & John NevilleDavid & Charles1974Artwork
The Great AnglersJohn BaileyDavid & Charles1990Biographical
The One that Got AwayVariousMerlin Unwin1991Written Contribution
I RememberJoe Cowley (Editor)Summersdale Publishers1995Written Contribution
The River PrinceChris YatesMedlar Press1998Written Contribution
Fly Leaves and Waterside SketchesGordon MackieHale1998Foreword


Title Subject Issue Date Published
CreelBernard Venables Goes FishingVol. 1 No.1 - Vol. 2 No.3July 1963 - September 1964
CreelFirst Day at PolruanVol. 4 No.5Nov-66
CreelBernard Venables Goes FishingVol. 4 No.6Dec-66
CreelBream Among the HippopotamusVol. 4 No.7Jan-67
CreelThe Fabulous Tiger FishVol. 4 No.8Feb-67
CreelBernard Venables Looks at Rod Design Over the YearsVol. 4 No.9Mar-67
CreelBernard Venables Goes FishingVol. 4 No.10Apr-67
CreelQuite Soon It Will Be MayVol. 4 No.11May-67
AnglingCarp in the NightJul-67
AnglingMy Tench WaterAug-67
AnglingBarbel NightsSep-67
AnglingThe Little SeasonOct-67
AnglingGoes FishingNov-67
AnglingA Solidly Satisfying FishDec-67
AnglingAnglers and 'Other People'Jan-68
AnglingThe Water Had a Fat Look,, Oily, Fatly SlidingMar-68
AnglingAn Angler, Surely, is Not Just a Catcher of Fish?Apr-68
AnglingMore thought on the Close Season QuestionMay-68
AnglingSpring trip to CaithnessJun-68
AnglingThose in Peril-In the SeaJul-68
AnglingCloud over the TestAug-68
AnglingAn Evil Mingling of Many ThingsSep-68
AnglingKennet EveningOct-68
AnglingChub...'when the amber leaves still hang'Nov-68
AnglingWilderness WaterDec-68
AnglingBig Pike and ArtificialsJan-69
AnglingNo Ordinary FishMar-69
AnglingReservoir trout are not for meApr-69
AnglingOf "Top-Dogging" and TechnologyMay-69
AnglingWorry for Fishers and FarmersJun-69
AnglingThe Beginnings of EnslavementJul-69
AnglingA Day with the GremlinsAug-69
AnglingGrayling Time AgainSep-69
AnglingBernard VenablesOct-69
AnglingVery big pikeNov-69
AnglingThe Roach FisherDec-69
AnglingBernard Venables... fishes the ZambeziJan-70
AnglingDon't Let Them Fool YouFeb-70
AnglingThe Precious MonthOct-70
AnglingThe Magic of Wye PikeNov-70
AnglingDem BonesDec-70
AnglingWhy I Fish Against Fish, Not MenJan-71
AnglingPreserving That Sense of SeclusionFeb-71
AnglingLast DayMar-71
AnglingI Remember AprilsApr-71
AnglingFishing 'Flotels' On The Danube DeltaMar-72
AnglingDog-Day's DelightJul-72
Anglers' Annual 1973Bewitched Simplicity1973
Improve Your Coarse FishingDown But Not OutDec-92
WaterlogBernard Venables (A Regular Column)Issues 1-11, 13-27
WaterlogAn Exhibition of the Life and Works of Bernard VenablesIssue 12
WaterlogThe Venables EditionIssue 28
WaterlogFishing and FishermenIssue 76Summer 2011