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To help our customers in their search for titles by some of the favourite and most collectible authors, we have collated several bibliographies. Please click on any author below to see full details. If you are aware of any items that should be added to any of these lists, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bailey, John


Title Publisher Date Published
In Visible WatersCrowood1984
Travels with a Two PieceCrowood1985
Coarse FishermanApril 1981
Reflections From the Waters EdgeCrowood1987
Roach - The Gentle GiantsCrowood1987
Bream - Tales and TacticsCrowood1988
The Great AnglersDavid & Charles1990
Fish of the Summer StillwatersCrowood1991
From Water to NetDavid & Charles1991
The Art of Coarse Fishing; Specimen HuntingCollins Willow1993
Casting for GoldCrowood1991
Fisherman's ValleyDavid & Charles1992
Watercraft. The Art of Coarse FishingCollins1993
Perfect Your Float FishingCrowood1993
Casting Far and WideDavid & Charles1993
Perfect your Baits (Editor)Crowood1993
Perfect Your TackleCrowood1993
Salmon Fishing - In Search of SilverCrowood1994
Carp ChallengeCrowood1994
The Fishing DetectiveCollins Willow1994
A Poacher's WayCrowood1995
Stillwater Trout FishingCrowood1995
Tales From the River BankBBC Books1997
The Master AnglerCollins Willow1997
John Bailey's Freshwater FishingDorling Kindersley1998
Tales From the Country EstatesDavid & Charles1999
The Young Angler: A Young Enthusiasts Guide to AnglingDorling Kindersley1999
Trout at Ten Thousand FeetNew Holland2001
John Bailey's Complete Guide to FishingNew Holland2001
Dorling Kindersley Superguides: AnglingDorling Kindersley2001
Where to Fly Fish in Britain and IrelandNew Holland2002
John Bailey's Fishing Guides. Where to Fish in Britain & IrelandIsland Books2003
Improve Your Lure FishingNew Holland2003
Improve Your Bait FishingNew Holland2003
Improve Your Fly FishingNew Holland2003
The World of Fishing. The Fish, the Tackle and the TechniquesNew Holland2003
The Flyfisher's LogbookNew Holland2004
John Bailey's Complete Guide to Fly FishingNew Holland2004
Barbel. Perfect daysLittle Egret Press2008
50 Fish to Catch Before You DieCarlton2008
Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. CrabtreeMr. Crabtree Press2012


Title Author Publisher Date Published Content
The Big Fish SceneGuttfield, Frank (Ed)Benn1978Written Contribution
Angler's Mail AnnualJohn InghamFlletway1979Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual John InghamFleetway1980Written Contribution
The Angler's Mail Guide to Basic Coarse FishingRoy Westwood & John Ingham (Eds)Hamlyn1981Written Contribution
Pike- The Predator Becomes the PreyBailey, John & Page, MartynCrowood1985Written Contribution
Carp - The Quest for the QueenBailey, John & Page, MartynCrowood1986Written Contribution
Angler's Mail Annual 1988Westwood, Roy (Ed)IPC Magazines1988Written Contribution
BarbelBarbel Catchers and FriendsCrowood1988Written Contribution
Perch - Contemporary Days and WaysBailey, John & Miller, RogerCrowood1989Written Contribution
Chub & DaceBailey, John & Miller, RogerCrowood1990Written Contribution
Big Fish from Famous WatersTurnbull, Chris (Ed)David & Charles1990Written Contribution
The Book of the PerchThe PerchfishersOxford Illustrated Press1990Foreword
Carp - The Quest for the Queen (Revised)Bailey, John & Page MartynCrowood1990Written Contribution
Rivers of JoyJohn Bailey & Shirley DeterdingCreel Publications1992Written Contribution
Red Letter DaysRogers, Peter (Ed)Crowood1994Written Contribution
The Art of Lure FishingBettellCrowood1994Foreword
The Complete Barbel AnglerRoger MillerCrowood1996Written Contribution


Title Subject Issue Date Published
FishermanWaging War on WeedJuly 1973
FishermanWinning ways and MeansSeptember 1973
FishermanOf Perch and ProblemsOctober 1973
FishermanPerfidious Pike, Obliging ChubNovember 1973
FishermanFrozen Fish and FingersJanuary 1974
FishermanLesson of a LifetimeMarch 1974
FishermanOperation Close SeasonApril 1974
FishermanSeeing is BelievingJune 1974
FishermanTackling Up for the New SeasonJuly 1974
FishermanBait Problems TapedAugust 1974
FishermanSafety First in WinterDecember 1983
Coarse FishermanPerchJune 1976
Coarse FishermanTwo Men Fishing for RoachJuly 1976
Coarse FishermanKeep on StuffingOctober 1976
Coarse FishermanA Story of SummerNovember 1976
Coarse FishermanTenchJanuary 1977
Coarse FishermanThe Three StrangersMarch 1977
Coarse FishermanRoaching Days and WaysApril 1977
Coarse FishermanKeepnetsMay 1977
Coarse FishermanFit RoachAugust 1977
Coarse FishermanCommentSeptember 1977
Coarse FishermanEdwardian AngleOctober 1977
Coarse FishermanA Rare DayNovember 1977
Coarse FishermanA Rare DayDecember 1977
Coarse FishermanThe Big Fish in My Lordship's WoodJanuary 1978
Coarse FishermanJanuary 3rdApril 1978
Coarse FishermanA Scottish HolidayJuly 1978
Coarse FishermanFish Diseases (With Scott)September 1978
Coarse FishermanBig Waters = Big FishOctober 1978
Coarse FishermanFirst Days in a New HouseNovember 1978
Coarse FishermanFour Years OnDecember 1978
Coarse FishermanFour WatersJanuary 1979
Coarse FishermanA Retrospective Look at Still-Water AnglingFebruary 1979
Coarse FishermanThe Fool and the KingfisherMarch 1979
Coarse FishermanSaving the Speciman Hunting WorldApril 1979
Coarse FishermanAbstraction & ObservationMay 1979
Coarse FishermanLong Range Fishing and FeedingJuly 1979
Coarse FishermanWensum BarbelOctober 1979
Coarse FishermanTough Stuff at CappoquinNovember 1979
Coarse FishermanLost LoveDecember 1979
Coarse FishermanA Roach and A BarbelJanuary 1980
Coarse FishermanA Touch of the ShakesFebruary 1980
Coarse FishermanSo You Want to be a Specimen HunterMarch 1980
Coarse FishermanJohn Bailey; A Profile - by David HallMay 1980
Coarse FishermanThe Master PlanJune 1980
Coarse FishermanA Small ProblemOctober 1980
Coarse FishermanTimes PastDecember 1980
Coarse FishermanIn CloseFebruary 1981
Coarse FishermanStory of a Norfolk FarmMarch 1981
Coarse FishermanFebruary FramesMay 1981
Coarse FishermanMy Brilliant CareerJuly 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Stillwater SyndicateAugust 1981
Coarse FishermanThat First WeekSeptember 1981
Coarse FishermanThe Record Orfe HuntOctober 1981
Coarse FishermanThe Language that is AnglingNovember 1981
Coarse FishermanGood HabitsDecember 1981
Coarse FishermanThe Big Fish ProblemJanuary 1982
Coarse FishermanBroadland - Reality and Memeoryfebruary 1982
Coarse FishermanBig BrownsMarch 1982
Coarse FishermanBig Dace and Lousy WeatherMay 1982
Coarse FishermanLetter from EnglandJuly 1982
Coarse FishermanJourneying Through PondsAugust 1982
Coarse FishermanOn Mohan, Oolerts and CarpSeptember 1982
Coarse FishermanMy Most Memorable Days FishingOctober 1982
Coarse FishermanThe Ways of FishDecember 1982
Coarse FishermanBack in the Boom TimeJanuary 1983
Coarse FishermanSchool's Out For SummerNovember 1982
Coarse FishermanThurne Pike: A Comic Con?February 1983
Coarse FishermanCommentFebruary 1983
Coarse FishermanBig Dace Wasn't It?March 1983
Coarse FishermanRoacher's ReplyMay 1983
Coarse FishermanA Woman for all SeasonsJune 1983
Coarse FishermanBullshine and Observed TwitchesJuly 1983
Coarse FishermanOf Bread, Carp and ParadiseAugust 1983
Coarse FishermanFaceless Accountants, Cynical SyndicatesSeptember 1983
Coarse FishermanA Summer on the TopOctober 1983
Coarse FishermanThe Van ManNovember 1983
Coarse FishermanBailey's TalesDecember 1983
Coarse FishermanBailey's TalesJanuary 1984
Coarse FishermanBailey's TalesFebruary 1984
Coarse FishermanBailey's Tales - Widgeon's SummerMarch 1984
Coarse FishermanThe Grey Ghosts of Cripp's IslandApril 1984
Coarse FishermanBailey's TalesMay 1984
Coarse FishermanBailey's TalesJuly 1984
Coarse FishermanBailey's TalesAugust 1984
Coarse FishermanOn the AirDecember 1984
Coarse FishermanThe Wensum Scandal IApril 1986
Coarse FishermanThe Wensum Scandal IIMay 1986
Coarse FishermanThe Wensum Scandal IIIJune 1986
Coarse FishermanWhatever Happened to Marsh LakeAugust 1986
Coarse FishermanThe Wensum ElectricsSeptember 1986
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearJanuary 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearFebruary 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearMarch 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearVol.12 No.8August 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's Year; Dace & GraylingApril 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearMay 1987
Coarse FishermanThe Wensum EnigmaJuly 1987
Coarse FishermanRoachJuly 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearAugust 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearSeptember 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearsOctober 1978
Coarse FishermanBailey's Year; RuddNovember 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's Year; CarpDecember 1987
Coarse FishermanBailey's YearJanuary 1988
Coarse FishermanThe LeviathansMarch 1988
Coarse FishermanThe LeviathansApril 1988
Coarse FishermanThe Leviathans; TenchMay 1988
Coarse FishermanThe Leviathans; EelsJune 1988
Coarse FishermanThe LeviathansAugust 1988
Coarse FishermanThe Leviathans; RuddSeptember 1988
Coarse FishermanThe Leviathans; BreamDecember 1988
Coarse FishermanThe Leviathans; CarpJanuary 1989
Coarse FishermanEnd of Season ChubMarch 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist AnglerApril 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist AnglerMay 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist Angler; TenchJune 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist Angler; RuddJuly 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist AnglerAugust 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist AnglerSeptember 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist AnglerOctober 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist AnglerNovember 1989
Coarse FishermanThe Specialist AnglerDecember 1989
Coarse FishermanThose Winter NightsJanuary 1990
Coarse FishermanWho Are The Greats?February 1990
Coarse FishermanNever Neglect a FloatMarch 1990
Coarse FishermanCasting For GoldApril 1990
Coarse FishermanThe Art of HalfordMay 1990
Coarse FishermanMore Questions Than AnswersJune 1990
Coarse FishermanHigh Summer HolidaysJuly 1990
Coarse FishermanA Highland SpringAugust 1990
Coarse FishermanPoppylandSeptember 1990
Coarse FishermanPlaying Them InOctober 1990
Coarse FishermanThe Journeying AnglerNovember 1990
Coarse Fisherman1990 I Remember It WellDecember 1990
Coarse FishermanTrout WatersPike Special 1990
Coarse FishermanWyes and WhereforesJanuary 1991
Coarse FishermanFor Owen - A Roach RevivalFebruary 1991
Coarse FishermanA Lyng FarewellMarch 1991
Coarse FishermanRelative ValuesApril 1991
Coarse FishermanKilling FishMay 1991
Coarse FishermanMonsters of the MindJune 1991
Coarse FishermanCall of the WildJuly 1991
Coarse FishermanA Time to ReapAugust 1991
Coarse FishermanPaying the PriceSeptember 1991
Coarse FishermanFighting TalkOctober 1991
Coarse FishermanLifting the VeilNovember 1991
Coarse FishermanOver the MoonDecember 1991
Coarse FishermanFerox - The Final FrontierJanuary 1992
Coarse FishermanPetrol, Perch and the Joh Bailey ProtestFebruary 1992
Coarse FishermanMoving OnMarch 1992
Coarse FishermanSmall Waters - Big CarpApril 1992
Coarse FishermanNorfolk's BackMay 1992
Coarse FishermanFree-LiningJune 1992
Coarse FishermanNew FrontiersJuly 1992
Coarse FishermanProgressAugust 1992
Coarse FishermanSport & PoliticsSeptember 1992
Coarse FishermanIntelligent FishOctober 1992
Coarse FishermanWye WonderNovember 1992
Coarse FishermanDebatesDecember 1992
Coarse FishermanSeasons of MistJanuary 1993
Coarse FishermanGreat GearFebruary 1993
Coarse FishermanForgotten GraylingMarch 1992
Coarse FishermanAnticipation and ExcitementApril 1993
Coarse FishermanAnticipation and ExcitementMay 1993
Coarse FishermanModern BarbelJune 1993
Coarse FishermanBeluga DreamJuly 1993
Coarse FishermanPond PotentialAugust 1993
Coarse FishermanA Wye WeekendSeptember 1993
Coarse FishermanFranceOctober 1993
Coarse FishermanAfter IzaakNovember 1993
Coarse FishermanStrange CreaturesDecember 1993
Coarse FishermanUnanswered QuestionsJanuary 1994
Coarse FishermanRiver Roach. My Lost YearsFebruary 1994
Coarse FishermanRiver RoachMarch 1994
Coarse FishermanRiver RapeApril 1994
Coarse FishermanCoarse Fisherman - A ProfileMay 1994
Coarse FishermanIncredible PikingJune 1993
Coarse FishermanAll AboardJuly 1994
Coarse FishermanBarbel QuestionsAugust 1994
Coarse FishermanBrave New WorldOctober 1994
Coarse FishermanEstate LakesNovember 1994
Coarse FishermanCastawayDecember 1994
Coarse FishermanNew Year PromiseJanuary 1995
Coarse FishermanDrop Me a LineFebruary 1995
Coarse FishermanBody LanguageMarch 1995
Coarse FishermanPriestly InquisitionApril 1995
Coarse FishermanHunters of the NorthMay 1995
Coarse FishermanSignposts to a Hidden WorldJune 1995
Coarse FishermanSwims for SummerJune 1995
Coarse FishermanCareful ReadingJuly 1995
Coarse FishermanReturn to SwedenJuly 1995
Coarse FishermanThe Love of a LifetimeAugust 1995
Coarse FishermanGetting Out ThereSeptember 1995
Coarse FishermanFishing on FilmOctober 1995
Coarse FishermanBaffled by BarbelOctober 1995
Coarse FishermanGreenlandNovember 1995
Coarse FishermanFighting TalkDecember 1995
Coarse FishermanMad for MahseerJanuary 1996
Coarse FishermanFloodFebruary 1996
Coarse FishermanBack End BarbelMarch 1996
Coarse FishermanPillars of WisdomApril 1996
Coarse FishermanSummer RoachMay 1996
Coarse FishermanSummer RoachJune 1996
Coarse FishermanSongs of the GlacierJuly 1996
Coarse FishermanThe MasterAugust 1996
Coarse FishermanA Case of UnderstandingSeptember 1996
Coarse FishermanSpikes and StripesOctober 1996
Coarse FishermanAn Overlooked Winter DelightNovember 1996
Coarse FishermanTrailing the TaimenDecember 1996
Coarse FishermanEverests Yet to ClimbJanuary 1997
Coarse FishermanThe Fish TwitcherFebruary 1997
Coarse FishermanFive Tales of WinterMarch 1997
Coarse FishermanGive Them the FingerApril 1997
Coarse FishermanTales from the RiverbankMay 1997
Coarse FishermanTales from the RiverbankJune 1997
Coarse FishermanCasting Far & WideJuly 1997
Coarse FishermanGet RealAugust 1997
Coarse FishermanOpen Your Mind ISeptember 1997
Coarse FishermanOpen Your Mind IIOctober 1997
Coarse FishermanOpen Your Mind IIINovember 1997
Coarse FishermanMongolia - Traveller's TalesDecember 1997
Coarse FishermanCoarse WorkJanuary 1998
Coarse FishermanPipe DreamFebruary 1998
Coarse FishermanBack to the BoathouseMarch 1998
Coarse FishermanDreaming of MonstersApril 1998
Coarse FishermanThe Other Side of the FenceApril 1988
Coarse FishermanOn a FlyerMay 1998
Coarse FishermanSoftly, SoftlyJune 1998
Coarse FishermanBrave New WorldJuly 1998
Coarse FishermanBohemian RhapsodyAugust 1998
Coarse FishermanRiver ThoughtsSeptember 1998
Coarse FishermanThe Greenland DiaryOctober 1998
Coarse FishermanPainting with WordsNovember 1998
Coarse FishermanMongolian OdysseyDecember 1998
Coarse FishermanMy First TimeJanuary 1999
Coarse FishermanCut Your LossesFebruary 1999
Coarse FishermanIs the End Nigh?March 1999
Coarse FishermanGo With the FlowApril 1999
Coarse FishermanFishless SundayMay 1999
Coarse FishermanBags of BonesJune 1999
Coarse FishermanThe River, Your Summer FriendJuly 1999
Coarse FishermanOur CenturyAugust 1999
Coarse FishermanA Day on Beat 4September 1999
Coarse FishermanLooking for InspiratonOctober 1999
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeNovember 1999
Coarse FishermanThe Angling LifeDecember 1999
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeJanuary - June 1992
Coarse FishermanDexter's DayAugust 2000
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeSeptember 2000 - September 2003
Coarse FishermanFinding the BalanceOctober 2003
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeNovember 2003
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeDecember 2003
Coarse FishermanTackle That You Can TrustJanuary 2004
Coarse FishermanDaunting WatersFebruary 2004
Coarse FishermanTouched by GreatnessMarch 2004
Coarse FishermanMy View From BridgesApril 2004
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeMay 2004
Coarse FishermanOne in the HandJune 2004
Coarse FishermanEye SpyJuly 2004
Coarse FishermanFocus on a ....BarbelAugust 2004
Coarse FishermanMy All-Time Photo AlbumSeptember 2004
Coarse FishermanA Week in the Life of...John BaileyOctober 2004
Coarse FishermanTrue Friends and TeachersNovember 2004
Coarse FishermanAlbum of a SummerDecember 2004
Coarse FishermanBack to NatureJanuary 2005
Coarse FishermanACA in CrisisFebruary 2005
Coarse FishermanGuiding LightsApril 2005
Coarse FishermanIn the SwimMay 2005
Coarse FishermanReturn of the RoachJune 2005
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeJuly 2005
Coarse FishermanDare to Be DifferentAugust 2005
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeSeptember 2005
Coarse FishermanStillwater and a BleepOctober 2005
Coarse FishermanChilling OutNovember 2005
Coarse FishermanStraight TalkDecember 2005
Coarse FishermanObsessive BehaviourJanuary 2006
Coarse FishermanCovering Every OutcomeFebruary 2006
Coarse FishermanAffairs with PikeMarch 2006
Coarse FishermanHave a ThoughtApril 2006
Coarse FishermanHave a ThoughtMay 2006
Coarse FishermanNightmare WaterJune 2006
Coarse FishermanMonster Continental BarbelJuly 2006
Coarse FishermanThe Lazy Days of Summer HeatAugust 2006
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing Life - The Simple Solution to SuccessSeptember 2006
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing Life - Getting Serious IOctober 1946
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing Life - Getting Serious IINovember 2006
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing Life - A Guiding LightDecember 2006
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing Life - Lessons LearnedJanuary 2007
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeFebruary 2007
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing LifeMarch 2007
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing Life - Don't Just Sit There.. Do SomethingApril 2007
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing Life - Monsters IncorporatingMay 2007
Coarse FishermanThis Fishing Life - Off The TopJune 2007
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish - The BarbelJuly 2007
Coarse FishermanThe TenchAugust 2007
Coarse FishermanThe RoachSeptember 2007
Coarse FishermanThe CarpOctober 2007
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish - The ChubNovember 2007
Coarse FishermanThe PerchDecember 2007
Coarse FishermanFerox TroutJanuary 2008
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish - The PikeFebruary 2008
Coarse FishermanThe Lowland RiverMarch 2008
Coarse FishermanEstate LakesApril 2008
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish - The Sea TeamMay 2008
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish - Monsters Pt.IJune 2008
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish - Monsters Pt.IIJuly 2008
Coarse FishermanPits and PondsAugust 2008
Coarse FishermanBailey's Waters - CommercialsSeptember 2008
Coarse FishermanUnderstanding What We SeeOctober 2008
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish Lessons - It's All About RespectDecember 2008
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish - Random Views on Playing ThemJanuary 2009
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish and FishermenFebruary 2009
Coarse FishermanFish, Fishing and FishermenMarch 2009
Coarse FishermanJust How Clever Are They?April 2009
Coarse FishermanBailey's Fish and FishermenMay 2009
Coarse FishermanA Rod for a SeasonJune 2009
Coarse FishermanNo More Missing the BoatJuly 2009
Coarse FishermanBailey's History LessonAugust 2009
Coarse FishermanChanging TimesSeptember 2009
Coarse FishermanCasting for Gold RevisitedOctober 2009
Coarse FishermanThe Most Important LessonNovember 2009
Coarse FishermanNever Ending QuestionsDecember 2009
Coarse FishermanHome and AbroadJanuary 2010
Coarse FishermanInteresting Time For RiversFebruary 2010
Coarse FishermanRoach - The Ultimate ChallengeMarch 2010
Coarse FishermanThe Importance of Big FishApril 2010
Coarse FishermanThe Story of My LakeMay 2010
Coarse FishermanBailey on BaitJune 2010
Coarse FishermanThe Highs and LowsJuly 2010
Coarse FishermanMy Love Affair with Centre PinsSeptember 2010
Coarse AnglerThe Great AnglersVol.14, No.5October 1990
Big Fish '84Time Was...1984
Big Fish - Winter Special 1984The Monkey Puzzle1984
Big FishIt's How You Do ItVol.2, No.2Summer 1986
Big FishThames BarbelVol.3, No.1Spring 1987
Big FishBroken BridgesVol.3, No.4March 1988
The Complete Angler's GuideAutumn RiversVol.3 Iss.3Autumn 1989
The Complete Angler's GuideCarping in the AutumnVol.3 Iss.3Autumn 1989
The Complete Angler's GuideWinter Carp - Dramatically DifferentVol.3 Iss.4Winter 1989/90
The Complete Angler's GuideTackling Up and Pre-Baiting for Carp FishingVol.4 Iss.1Spring 1990
The Complete Angler's GuideTinca GoldVol.4 Iss.2Summer 1990
The Complete Angler's GuideDays of Scarlet and GoldVol.4 Iss.2Summer 1990
The Complete Angler's GuideTales From the River BankVol.4 Iss.3Autumn 1996
The Complete Angler's GuideTime for Big Bags of BreamVol.4 Iss.3Autumn 1996
The Complete Angler's GuideHunky, Chunky Adorable CrucianVol.4 Iss.3Autumn 1996
The Complete Angler's GuideImprove Your CatchVol.5 Iss.1Mar/Apr 1997
The Complete Angler's GuideTake the Apache ApproachVol.5 Iss.3Jul/Aug 1997
The Complete Angler's GuideTake a Break - Go FishingVol.5 Iss.3Jul/Aug 1997
The Complete Angler's GuideThe Advanced ApproachVol.5 Iss.5Nov/Dec 1997
The Complete Angler's GuideThe Perch ProblemVol.5 Iss.6Jan/Feb 1998
The Complete Angler's GuideFit for a FightVol.6 Iss.1Mar/Apr 1998
The FieldA Revolution in Fishing StyleMay 1996
Improve Your Coarse FishingKeeping Ice CoolFebruary 1992
Improve Your Coarse FishingHow to Catch BarbelNovember 1994
Improve Your Coarse FishingStret TalkingMay 1995
Today's FlyfisherHumiliation in the HeatJanuary 2006
Today's FlyfisherDiary of a Restless AnglerSeptember 2006
Classic AnglingIt's Time to Fight back Against the Faceless MenNo. 31Sep-04
Classic AnglingConvertedNo. 32Nov-04
Classic AnglingThe All-Round FishermanNo. 33Jan-05
Classic AnglingGet Me Out of HereNo. 34Mar-05
Classic AnglingCamping in the WildNo. 35May-05
Classic AnglingYour Place in the WorldNo. 37Sep-05
Classic AnglingBeauty and the BeastNo. 38Nov-05
Classic AnglingNo Fool Like an Old FoolNo. 39Jan-06
Classic AnglingResolution on PollutionNo. 40Mar-06
Classic AnglingThe Fish that Changed My LifeNo. 41May-06
Classic AnglingAn Eye for the LadiesNo. 42Jul-06
Classic AnglingMy Magic Trip to MongoliaNo. 43Sep-06
Classic AnglingInstant Experts Drive Me MadNo. 44Nov-06
Classic AnglingThe World of the Trout (and Other Fish)No. 45Jan-07
Classic AnglingKing of GuidesNo. 46Mar-07
Classic AnglingGood Writing, Poor RewardsNo. 47May-07
Classic AnglingA Delightful Day of FailureNo. 48Jul-07
Classic AnglingPassing of the Mahseer MasterNo. 49Sep-07
Classic AnglingThe Tough NorthernerNo. 50Nov-07
Classic AnglingThe Day I Let Jim DownNo. 51Jan-08
Classic AnglingWizards With the PinNo. 52Mar-08
Classic AnglingThe Art of FishNo. 53May-08
Classic AnglingMonster Mahseer and the 150lb FishNo. 54Jul-08
Classic AnglingFighting for Fishing; Fighting for NothingNo. 55July? 2008 (Should Read September 2008)
Classic AnglingHistory LessonsNo. 56Nov-08
Classic AnglingTarke: Cuddly or a MenaceNo. 57Jan-09
Classic AnglingTough Men in a Soft WorldNo. 58March/April 2009
Classic AnglingThe Film That Was To Change My LifeNo. 59May/Jun 2009
Classic AnglingDissatisfied With My Life in PicturesNo. 60Jul/Aug 2009
Classic AnglingThe Pearls That Await FishermenNo. 62Nov/Dec 2009
Classic AnglingHead in the Clouds, Heart in the RiverNo. 63Jan/Feb 2010
Classic AnglingTrouble at My Mill of Magic MomentsNo. 64Mar/Apr 2010
Classic AnglingSaying Goodbye to Pictures of My LifeNo. 65May/Jun 2010
Classic AnglingIt's Time to Write Heart and soulNo. 66Jul/Aug 2010
Classic AnglingThe Delights of Long-TrottingNo. 67Sep/Oct 2010
Classic AnglingIs This the End of the Line for the CauveryNo. 68Nov/Dec 2010
Classic AnglingGolden Times at Magic LakeNo. 69Jan/Feb 2011
Classic AnglingCan We Learn From Bay Meadow's FateNo. 70Mar/Apr 2011
Classic AnglingWhen a Fish is Just Too BigNo. 71May/Jun 2011
Classic AnglingDoor Closes on My Old WorldNo. 72Jul/Aug 2011
Classic AnglingMy Revival of Mr CrabtreeNo. 73Sep/Oct 2011
Classic AnglingTake Me Back to MongoliaNo. 74Nov/Dec 2011
Classic AnglingDinner Party That Gave Me a New LifeNo. 75Jan/Feb 2012
Classic AnglingThe Minister Who Played a Part in My Mad Ferox DaysNo. 76Mar/Apr 2012
Classic AnglingBringing Crabtree into Urban RealityNo. 77May/Jun 2012
Classic AnglingFor All Those Who Want to do My JobNo. 78Jul/Aug 2012
Classic AnglingThe Day I Caught a Rudd over 5lbNo. 79Sep/Oct 2012
Classic AnglingWensum Offers Me a Second ChanceNo. 80Nov/Dec 2012
Specialist AnglerPrinciples PursuedNo. 2
Specialist AnglerIn Visible WatersNo. 4
Specialist AnglerFlies on the WaterNo. 20
Fisherman's WeeklyAndrew ColesPreview EditionMarch 8, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyBream TargetPreview EditionMarch 8, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyThe North of NorfolkVol.1 No.5April 12, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyQuick Reference Chart - RuddVol.1 No.7April 26, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyTench TriumphVol.1 No.7April 26, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyThe Search for Small-River RoachVol.1 No.11May 24, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyMill Pool RoachVol.1 No.12May 31, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyA Reward of DaceVol.1 No.12May 31, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklySmall Particles, Large SpecimensVol.1 No.16June 28, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyPerch in RiversVol.1 No.16June 28, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyThe Bank-Bound Angler's Guide to BoatsVol.1 No.18July 12, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyReedbed RuddVol.1 No.17July 12, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyPerch, Past & PresentVol.1 No.19July 19, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyFinding Your Fish - ChubVol.1 No.19July 19, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklySouth of the Land of LorneVol.1 No.19July 19, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyStillwater RoachVol.1 No.21August 2, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyThe Longest DayVol.1 No.21August 2, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyChub and Roach. The Art of ParticlesVol.1 No.22August 9, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyFind Your Fish - ChubVol.1 No.23August 16, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyCoarse Angler at SeaVol.1 No.23August 16, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyBest of the Rest - Catching Fish in Resting PlacesVol.1 No.25August 30, 1979
Fisherman's WeeklyPit PerchVol.1 No.26Sept 6, 1979
The Art of FishingThe Golden MahseerPart 7
The Art of FishingUse your Loaf; Flake, Mashed and CrustPart 8
The Art of FishingJohn Bailey on the WensumPart 18
The Art of FishingThe Norfolk Broads in SummerPart 26
The Art of FishingGravel Pits in Winter; No Place for the Half HeartedPart 33
The Art of FishingA Small Fast river in WinterPart 36
The Art of FishingEstate Lakes - Stately StrategyPart 43
The Art of FishingThe Wildies of Gallow's HillPart 46
The Art of FishingThe Broads in WinterPart 48
The Art of FishingWheat and BarleyPart 54
The Art of FishingHighland CharPart 55
The Art of FishingTrolling for Ferox TroutPart 59
The Art of FishingCatching Big RoachPart 67
The Art of FishingKeeping a LogbookPart 70
The Art of FishingRivers in AutumnPart 80
The Art of FishingThe Greatest of Them AllPart 82
The Art of FishingCoastal Dykes in Summer; Coarse Fish by the SeaPart 85
The Art of FishingThe Magic of MoatsPart 86
The Art of FishingThe Hazards of the HimalayasPart 94
The Art of FishingHow Fish Came to BritainPart 102
The Art of FishingHow Fish Came to Britain in Modern TimesPart 104
The Art of FishingThe Thriving Barbel of the River WyePart 115
The Art of FishingMaking and Using CakesPart 119
The Art of FishingTrouting in the HimalayasPart 128
The Art of FishingIn Search of Festive GraylingPart 131
The Art of FishingWhy are Fish So Big NowPart 139
The Art of FishingChampagne Wishes and Caviar DreamsPart 140
The Art of FishingStuck on Bogey GluePart 133
WaterlogChar: A Decade of PassionNo. 9
WaterlogHugh Falkus, A Shoal of Barbel and the Future of FishingNo. 10
WaterlogRiver LifeNo. 15
WaterlogBone IslandNo. 16
WaterlogFriends Along the Flowing RoadNo. 17
WaterlogJohnnie Walker, Batsokh and His BearNo. 20
WaterlogCasting for GoldNo. 21
WaterlogPlates of ArmourNo. 22
WaterlogThe Scholar Gypsies of SpainNo. 23
WaterlogGeneral Franco's Beat ideaNo. 29
WaterlogJob DoneNo. 30
WaterlogA to Z of S.O.SNo. 31
WaterlogFish-Eye FishingNo. 32
WaterlogRaging TigersNo. 33
WaterlogOur Paradise in the WestNo. 34
WaterlogFirst, Foremost and Forever a FishermanNo. 35
WaterlogBernard's Last GiftNo. 36
WaterlogDon't Spook the FishNo. 37
WaterlogKeep in TouchNo. 38
WaterlogFishing in BohemiaNo. 39
WaterlogThe Herring YearsNo. 41
WaterlogMonsters and MinnowsNo. 42
WaterlogMonsters and MinnowsNo. 42
WaterlogNo Man is an IslandNo. 44
WaterlogMr. Henderson's RailwayNo. 46
WaterlogReturn of the NativeNo. 48